Mattel DC Multiverse King Shark Series Jim Gordon Batman Review

Mattel DC Multiverse King Shark Series Jim Gordon Batman Review

The DC Multiverse product Mattel is putting out right now reminds me a lot of Hasbro Marvel Legends circa 2007 through 2009. Hasbro didn’t really know what they were doing with Marvel Legends at that time. Minimal product was hitting the shelves per year, and there was looming doubt that the line would be around much longer. The figures that were getting released were acceptable at best, but there was very little innovation to be had as they were mostly re-purposing old molds.

This was exactly what I expected when I started buying figures to complete King Shark. I expected typical Mattel. However, since I’ve been gone from DC Universe Classics, I think “typical Mattel” has actually gotten worse. I truly appreciate the alternate unmasked Jim Gordon head for this Batman. What I don’t like is that the head might as well be sitting on a swivel joint. The dumbbell-pins they are using for this figure’s neck make it just about impossible for any up and down movement. Not only that, but that pin has to go into a scary small hole in the neck when you swap heads. It renders the ball portion of the joint just about useless.

I swear at one point in time Mattel’s DCUC and Masters of the Universe Classics line had rocker ankles. They appear to be a thing of the past now. None of the figures I’ve opened from this wave thus far have them; not even the King Shark leg that came with Batman. Ankle tilts are kind of a big deal to me because I prefer my figure’s feet be flush with the surface they are standing on, regardless of how their legs are positioned. Nothing annoys me more than a figure standing on the sides of their feet.

And what is with the paragraph on his ass?

Mattel DC Multiverse King Shark Series Jim Gordon Batman Review

I’m almost willing to forgive the lack of double elbows or knees. That is until we get to the wrist swivels. It’s amazing that a figure with so many points of articulation really doesn’t pose all that well. Am I expecting too much? I feel like a $20 mass retail action figure should be about as articulated as a Marvel Legend.

Mattel DC Multiverse King Shark Series Jim Gordon Batman Review

He does have a gun! He does not have trigger fingers because I’d imagine that would require tooling a new hand. Instead they opted to leave an open spot on the trigger guard so you can just slide his hand into it, building the illusion that his finger is actually on the trigger. Batman also includes a belt with a holster to store that bad boy.

Mattel DC Multiverse King Shark Series Jim Gordon Batman Review

If I wasn’t building King Shark I wouldn’t have even thought twice about skipping this figure. It’s not the most terrible thing in the world (ringing endorsement, I know), but it doesn’t do anything for me. I’d say the DC Icons version looks to be a better action figure. If you are into this Batman, however, his robot suit is the build-a-figure in an upcoming wave. I saw it at Toy Fair back in February but forgot to take pictures because they were serving alcohol, and I thought it best to celebrate the long weekend instead of doing my press duties.

If this review has somehow convinced you to buy this Jim Gordon Batman action figure, then I would check out Amazon!


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