Super7 MOTUC Ultimate Edition Faker Review

Super7 MOTUC Ultimate Edition Faker Review

Super7’s Ultimate Edition Masters of the Universe Classics re-releases have been a great opportunity for me to go back and take a good look at some of the Classics figures that I never got around to the first time. The original Faker was released prior to me starting this blog in November of 2011. In fact, my first review ever was Bubble Power She-Ra. Fair warning, you can check the review out if you want, but it isn’t all that good and most of the pictures have been lost to old WordPress addons malfunctioning (I’ve broken this site quite a few times, and at some point old things just have to be let go of).

It feels longer, but it’s only been eight months since Mattel handed over Masters of the Universe Classics duties to Super7. I suppose after eight years of monthly action figure deliveries, eight months of nothing can feel like an eternity. Well, we finally have our first Super7 MOTUC product in hand! So exciting! I had my doubts leading up to their arrival, but Super7 delivered and these figures are in fact pretty great!

Super7 MOTUC Ultimate Edition Faker Review

First off, the new vintage-inspired packaging is sharp as hell! It’s a nice change that I wish they would just use for all Classics lines going forward. However, they’ve mentioned that they plan to continue the Classics and Filmation style boxes Mattel was using, so this is unlikely. There is, what appears to be, a mini comic on the inside of the package, but it turns out it’s just the cover with a bio printed on the back. Yes, the bios are back, and they’re really long too. I have no idea if it’s good or not, I’m not the best judge of the quality of Masters of the Universe fiction.

Being an “Ultimite Edition” release, the goal as I understand it is to provide a definitive version of the character. I’d say they did a pretty good job here by including accessories packed with the original figure, accessories that you had to buy other figures to get, and a couple of new ones. Faker includes three heads: the original MOTUC head, the half-cyborg head that came with NA Skeletor, and an all new vintage-style head. The original release only included the two Power Swords (complete and half), but the Ultimate Edition also comes with an orange axe, shield, and the Alcala Power Sword.

Super7 MOTUC Ultimate Edition Faker Review

There’s an argument to be made that they could have included the orange battle-armor he wore in the MOTU vs DC two-pack, which is one of the most sought after Masters of the Universe Classics items to date. I would have welcomed it, but it didn’t end up happening. I can see it both ways. The Battle Armor variants were always different releases in the vintage line. So if Faker got battle armor, wouldn’t that mean He-Man and Skeletor should as well? It’s probably best not to open that can of worms.

Super7 MOTUC Ultimate Edition Faker Review

In addition to all of the new accessories, he also sports a sizable amount of different deco from the original release. Most noticeable is the bright orange hair on all three heads. You can tell that Mattel was still trying to nail down an aesthetic for the line when Faker was originally released because of the weathering on his shoulder armor. That’s a look that they definitely moved past after MOTUC’s early first couple of years. The new bright orange colored armor with golden accents works so much better, in my opinion. There are other little changes like his skin tone being slightly darker and the arm guards and belt being all black. All of the changes look fine to me. They make him feel like a fresh figure, and not just a rehash of something done almost ten years ago.

Super7 MOTUC Ultimate Edition Faker Review

Structurally he’s the same figure with one change, the ankle pins are filled in. Still no rocker ankles, I miss rocker ankles. Sigh.

As I mentioned, this is the first Super7 Masters of the Universe product we’ve gotten in hand. It’s all currently being made-to-order, so if you missed the preorder period the aftermarket is the only place to find these. They were still notably more expensive than the old Mattel product at $35 per figure plus shipping. That said, if you want to track these down I’d expect to pay somewhere in the $50 range per figure, depending on the character. I was shocked to see that He-Man and Skeletor still appear to be the most desirable.

Super7 MOTUC Ultimate Edition Faker Review

Would I recommend Super7’s MOTUC Ultimate Edition Faker?

I originally hesitated on getting this set of figures, and still only ended up buying three out of the five offered (sorry Super7, but I’ve bought so many He-Men and Skeletors throughout the years that I don’t hate myself enough to do it again). Unless you really want that vintage-styled head or are a completist, if you’ve been collecting the line since the beginning this Faker can probably be passed on.

However, if you don’t have a Faker, then this release is a pretty incredible value. It’s just a shame that it was made-to-order, so you’ll have to go through the secondary market to find it. I’d imagine when Super7 took over and got to tour the Mattel facilities, they recoiled at the sheer amount of overstock Mattel was sitting on.

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  1. Darn, I didn’t realize these were pre-order only. I went back and forth on pre-ordering a few of the figures, and all of them, before ultimately deciding I’ll just see what I want when they came out and were available in the super7store.
    Oh well, I don’t really need any of these figures since I’ve got all the Mattel releases, but this one and the skeletor would have been nice.

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