HASCON: Official Marvel Legends Reveal Pictures

Happy Friday! We’ve finally got our hands on the high resolution pictures of the six-inch Marvel Legends figures revealed at HASCON last week. Go on and check out the gallery below. I’m just going to list the reveals below, for a more in depth breakdown of the entire waves check out this article. The info is as follows:

X-Men Apocalypse build-a-figure Wave: Wolverine, Psylocke, and Storm
Black Panther Movie Wave (no BAF revealed yet): Black Bolt, All New All Different Iron Man, Namor
Black Panther Toys R Us Exclusive Two-Pack: Klaw and Shuri
Spider-Man Lizard build-a-figure Wave: Spider-Woman
Deadpool Sasquatch build-a-figure Wave: Paladin
Marvel Legends Riders: Black Widow with Bike and Ghost Rider and Motorcycle
Avengers Movie Wave (no BAF revealed yet): King Cobra
Avengers Walmart Exclusive: Thanos


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