Avengers: Infinity War Thanos Marvel Legends

What Marvel Legends Could We Get Based on the Avengers: Infinity War Trailer?

I’d imagine most of us have now seen this morning’s Avengers: Infinity War trailer. If you haven’t just head on over here and check it out. Also, if for some reason you are the type to avoid watching trailers for spoilers, I’d probably head out now.

What We Know

For 2018 we know there are currently two Avengers: Infinity War waves planned. The confirmed parts of their lineups are as follows:

Avengers Infinity War Wave 1 (Build-A-Figure Unknown):
King Cobra
Classic Taskmaster

Avengers Infinity War Wave 2 (Build-A-Figure Unknown):
Black Knight

So we have at least two waves confirmed. Thus far, Hasbro has kept the movie characters in these waves very close to the chest, revealing only comic figures. So let’s go ahead and break into speculation based on the new trailer.

What We Likely Won’t Get

Avengers: Infinity War Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends

Guardians of the Galaxy

While it was certainly a fun (but not completely unexpected) reveal, there are more than enough Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends still on the shelves. Hasbro was pretty thorough in getting us just about the entire cast of the second movie. It also helps that unlike most every other character in that trailer, the GOTG cast has mostly kept their same outfits. The only thing we look to be missing out on here is a mustachioed Star-Lord head sculpt and adolescent Groot.

Besides, if they really wanted GOTG presence on the shelves, they could just put out the Mantis wave again.

Avengers: Infinity War Black Panther Marvel Legends

Black Panther

We’re probably less than a few weeks from getting the Black Panther Marvel Legends wave in hand. While the trailer certainly makes it looks like Black Panther has a large role in the film, I have a feeling his universe will largely be ignored for the Infinity War waves. This is probably just a direct result of the timing of the Black Panther movie and its merchandise release.


However, thanks Marvel Cinematic Universe for already making my build-a-figure Okoye obsolete before I even got to see her movie!


Again, timing timing timing! With ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ releasing two months after Infinity War it’s likely we won’t see anything from Scott Lang and his friends in the Infinity War specific Marvel Legends waves. Plus neither him or Wasp were anywhere to be found in the trailer. Unless you pretend they were just really small, then they could be anywhere.

Avengers: Infinity War Thanos Marvel Legends


He’s all over the trailer, but my thoughts while observing a Walmart shelf that STILL has Dr. Strange stuff on it, is that he has a real long shot to get a figure. Although, maybe if they do a two-pack of him and Strange it could work! While a possible exclusive could happen, I’m erring on the side of no Wong Marvel Legend.

What We May Get

Avengers: Infinity War Thanos Marvel Legends


We have at least two waves planned, so who could we possibly build between the two? I think the obvious one is MCU Thanos, and I believe he’s going to be the build-a-figure of the first Avengers: Infinity War wave. So what does that leave for the second wave?

Avengers: Infinity War Thanos Marvel Legends

Hulkbuster Armor modified re-release?
One of Thanos’ Black Order? Maybe Black Dwarf?
An Outrider (that four armed alien)?

None of these sound like very thrilling build-a-figures, to be completely honest. And if we want to go by trends, Guardians of the Galaxy only had one movie-themed build-a-figure between its two waves. So it is within the realm of possibility that the second BAF could be comic based, which opens up a ton of options.

For lack of a better option, however, I’m going to choose Hulk. And I expect this Hulk to get the Sandman treatment of extra fists and heads.

Wave 1

Avengers: Infinity War Thanos Marvel Legends

With Thanos as the possible build-a-figure, I don’t think they are going to go TOO heavy on single carded movie characters. We’ll likely get the big names: Iron-Man, Spider-Man, and Captain America.

There is definitely space for one more comic figure in that wave, and I’ve heard the rumors of Proxima Midnight. She was even in the trailer for half a second! I also like the idea of Hasbro starting to build Thanos’ Black Order, seeing as how none of them have gotten figures in the past this is a very welcome venture. Here is my proposed final seven figure lineup:

Build-A-Figure: MCU Thanos
MCU Spider-Man
MCU Iron Man
MCU Captain America
Classic Taskmaster
King Cobra
Proxima Midnight

Wave 2

Avengers: Infinity War Vision Marvel Legends

The second wave is a gigantic question mark right now, but if we consider past history there are some decent educated guesses to be made. First off, this one will likely be more movie heavy. Since the wave will release after the film, it may contain characters or elements that Marvel doesn’t want to reveal quite yet. I can think of two characters who absolutely SHOULD be in the wave: Thor and Black Widow. Thor is sporting his look from the end of Ragnarok, which has not had a figure. Besides the blonde hair and new outfit, a new take on MCU Widow would also be welcome.

Only because he’s so prominently in the trailer, I’m going to put Dr. Strange in this wave as well. This would totally be a Black Panther spot if he didn’t have a movie and wave so close to Infinity War. Sure, the Dr. Strange series bombed pretty hard at retail, but we aren’t going deep by including a white Strange variant or Karl Mordo. Strange will be just one movie figure shaped cog in this machine.

Moving on to comic characters, I want to continue with the Black Order theme. Having a trio of Thanos, Proxima Midnight, and Corvus Glaive would be neat, so he’s going into the wave. The other one, which is probably a long shot, is Tigra. Her and King Cobra have been rumored for so long, that if he gets to be in Wave 1, she gets to be in Wave 2!

Since I believe this is going to be a seven figure lineup, I’m going to add one more guy that you never saw coming: MCU Quicksilver. I have a strong feeling that the events of the Infinity War are going to bring him back to life, and thus we’ll finally get the toy. I have to imagine that Hasbro also has an unused sculpt from Age of Ultron, especially considering how his death ended up being a very last minute decision.

Build-A-Figure: MCU Hulk
MCU Thor
MCU Black Widow
MCU Dr. Strange
MCU Quicksilver
Black Knight
Corvus Glaive


Avengers: Infinity War Vision Marvel Legends

Since they seem intent on shoving this awkward Vision and Scarlet Witch love angle down our throats, we’ll finally get MCU Vision packed with Scarlet Witch. (Obviously, he won’t be in civilian clothes)

Bucky and Falcon also have sizable roles in the trailer, but their outfits don’t look to have changed dramatically. For this, I believe they will either trot out the Walmart single carded exclusives from Civil War, or try to put them together in a two pack with Infinity War branding. There will likely be minor paint or sculpt changes, nothing too drastic as these two are easy cost-savers. I’d hope they include some guns for Falcon this time, however.

War Machine. Poor Rhodey, I just kind of forgot about the guy after Civil War. Looks like he’s better and if we go get a figure of him, it’s time to do a Rhodey head, face printed and all.

In Conclusion

That’s a lot of words for something that will likely be revealed in time for Toy Fair.

Anyway, I think that will do it! Based on the trailer I’ve done my best to read into Hasbro Marvel Legends release logic, and hopefully come up with something close to what we will see at retail. Let me know what your thoughts are, or how you see Hasbro doing the Avengers: Infinity War toy line.




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