Marvel Legends Black Panther Okoye Series Namor the Sub-Mariner Review

Marvel Legends Black Panther Okoye Series Namor the Sub-Mariner Review

Do you want to know what really gets me going besides Wheatus’ hit song, ‘Teenage Dirtbag?‘ Sculpted scales on underpants!

In a rather shocking turn of events, Hasbro decided to make this the best Namor figure ever created by giving him unique crotch tooling. They could have totally gotten away with painting the scales like they did with the Walgreens exclusive, but no! Maybe Hasbro’s Marvel Legends team really does love us and wants us to have nice things after all. I’ve been running my fingers over his shiny, green, scaly shorts all morning. Perhaps to an uncomfortable degree. I can’t help it, we finally have a good naked Sub-Mariner.

Namor was one of the first Marvel Legends, released back in 2002 as part of the second wave from Toy Biz. This version, of course, had a vest and pants which left fans craving those green shorts for the next five years. Fast forward to 2007. Hasbro is now running the Marvel Legends show and fans finally get that Namor they had been asking for, in a super-limited Fantastic Four wave that barely touched retail. I wouldn’t worry too much if you missed this one, however. It was under-sized and under-articulated. Hasbro was still figuring things out back then, so it’s best left in the past.

I’m actually quite shocked that it’s been TEN YEARS since that Ronan the Accuser wave came about. Marvel Legends has come quite a ways since then. As I mentioned earlier, last year we got a more clothed update to Namor in a Walgreens exclusive. This year he lost the clothes, pulled up the green trunks, and finally gave us the naked Sub-Mariner we deserve.

Marvel Legends Black Panther Okoye Series Namor the Sub-Mariner Review

This Namor comes packed with his trident, two heads, two sets of hands, and both of Okoye’s arms. I’m sure most people prefer the clean shaven “classic” look of Namor, but not me. I’m going bearded head all day long. If a character has an option to have a beard, I’m taking it! Colossus, beard. Namor, beard. Captain America, beard. I’m really bad at growing a beard in real life, so I live vicariously through plastic superhero action figures.

If you ever wanted to feel bad about your own personal physique, just go ahead and take a gander at the new torso Hasbro sculpted for Namor. This dude is shredded! It looks like his arms were recycled from last year’s release, and same with the hands. The bare feet are nice, but I don’t think the transition from the leg to the feet is as fluid as it could be. There also aren’t a ton of bare-footed superheros, so I imagine updating that area isn’t a high priority.

Would I recommend Hasbro Marvel Legends Okoye Series Namor the Sub-Mariner?

I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m all in for this Namor. If you are a fan of the green trunks version of the character, you would be hard-pressed to find a better action figure out there. I’d maybe ask for a little more paint detail like some shading along the blades, but really that’s splitting hairs on my part. After ten years of waiting for an upgrade I can finally be at peace, and move my update fixation over to a more deserving character like Guardian. Let’s get Alpha Flight done already, Hasbro!

Marvel Legends Black Panther Okoye Series Namor the Sub-Mariner Review

Namor is currently available at Amazon.



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