Kaiyodo Figure Complex Movie Revo Zootopia Judy Hopps Review

Kaiyodo Figure Complex Movie Revo Zootopia Judy Hopps Review

Hey, it’s Officer Toot-toot!

I feel like my front page has been inundated with Marvel Legends items, so I decided to switch things up a bit tonight and take a look at something completely unrelated. Well, an unrelated property, at least, since everything in this world is now owned by Disney. Including the burger I ate earlier. I’d hate to think about the amount of money I spend unknowingly on Disney products annually. Even my bananas have Star Wars stickers on them for some reason, so I have to assume they are official Disney products. I kind of hate that.

Kaiyodo Figure Complex Movie Revo Zootopia Judy Hopps Review

Judy Hopps is interesting to me because she isn’t a character I’d go out of my way to buy. My kids loved Zootopia. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but like a lot of movies, I felt no need to have action figures from it. That was until Kaiyodo announced her early last year. Usually, if the term “Revoltech” is attached to a project I immediately lose interest and continue on scrolling. But this action figure was so perfectly on-model from the animation, and it didn’t look like a traditional Revoltech. There were no giant protruding dumbbell shoulders or ugly articulation cuts in order to hit extreme poses. Judy Hopps looked like she had the potential to be a great figure. It also helps that she was teased with Nick Wilde, so by purchasing her it feels like you’re working towards the set.

So naturally, $60 later and here she is!


First off, not only does this figure not look like one, but it also doesn’t feel like a Revoltech. My past experiences with Revoltech figures involved needlessly crazy amounts of articulation. So much so, that the figure ended up being hard to pose because it felt like I was unlocking a puzzle just to get them there. Judy is pretty straight forward with an articulation scheme appropriate for her body. Being a rabbit with large feet, she has an the advantage of being very easy to stand up and balance. The ball-jointed ears also add an extra dimension to her character because you can display them appropriately up or down depending on the mood displayed on her face.

The feature that sold me on this release are the five different facial expressions she comes with. Not only do you get all of those face-plates, but every single one has movable eyes! Maybe I’m just cynical these days, but I honestly expected that either most of the eyes were static, or I’d have to pop them out and put them in the face-plate I wanted to use. This was not the case! Not only does she come with five faces, but she also has ten whole eyes. I can do math! In addition to the faces she also includes two pairs of hands, another hand designed to hold her carrot pen, the carrot pen, and a figure stand.

Judy is pretty small, measuring in at a little over four-inches, but she sizes pretty well with most 1/12 scale figures. Talking cartoon rabbits should generally be of the smaller size, anyway. There isn’t much to look out for with this figure. All of the paint is tight and crisp. I’ve messed around with her a lot and the joints still hold up well. The seam across the side of her head can be distracting, but it’s a necessary evil for all of the face swapping.

Kaiyodo Figure Complex Movie Revo Zootopia Judy Hopps Review

Would I recommend Kaiyodo Figure Complex Judy Hopps?

I think that this figure is great! However, I don’t think I’d really suggest her unless you are really into Zootopia or the character.

I probably won’t get Nick Wilde. I’ve messed around with her faces quite a bit in the last month that I’ve owned her. But ultimately, my lack of desire to own Zootopia figures is now getting the best of me. There’s probably an interesting study what drives a collector’s brain here. Had I reviewed her shortly after buying her, I think I would have been very willing to give the recommendation. However, as time passes I’m realizing I bought the figure just to have it. So I like it less now than I did a month ago. And that is no fault of the figure.

Kaiyodo Figure Complex Movie Revo Zootopia Judy Hopps Review

To reiterate, the actual figure is really well done. You probably aren’t going to get a more dynamic or on-model Judy Hopps figure ever. It’s just not for me.

Check out Amazon if you’d like to order a Judy Hopps for yourself!



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