Toy Fair 2018: DC Collectibles

Toy Fair 2018: DC Collectibles

DC Collectibles always has an exciting assortment of product to show every year, and Toy Fair 2018 was no exception to that. The DCC team is one of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic groups of people you will ever run into. This year they’ve brought a great spread of products including statues, maquettes, action figures, and more! Feel free to check out the gallery which includes pictures of everything from their booth. In addition to that, here are some highlights:

Doomsday Clock Action Figure Two-Packs:
Ozymandias and Dr. Manhattan
Rorschach and Mime
Comedian and Marionette

Batman: The Animated Series Action Figures:
Joker Expressions Pack
Harley Quinn Expressions Pack

DC Artists Alley Vinyl Figure Collection

Teen Titans Multi Part Statue Collection (Which when completed will form ‘The New Teen Titans’ #1 comic cover)
Kid Flash
Wonder Girl
Beast Boy

Batman Black & White Statue Collection

Harley Quinn Red White & Black Statue Collection

DC Bombshells Statues and Action Figures

Gotham City Garage

DC Essentials Action Figures
Reverse Flash
Black Mantis

DC Gallery Props

DC Designer Series Statues




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