Hasbro Star Wars Black Six-Inch #59 Clone Captain Rex Review

Hasbro Star Wars Black Six-Inch #59 Clone Captain Rex Review

With Toys R Us going away, Gamestop is shaping up to be a nice alternative stop on my action figure hunting routine. I’d heard they had Porgs so I made a stop in. Sadly, no Porgs to be found, but the next best thing: Clone Captain Rex!

Hasbro Star Wars Black Six-Inch #59 Clone Captain Rex Review

Now you may be asking, Jon, didn’t you get Clone Captain Rex as HASCON last year? What’s the big deal with this one?”

Well, good point. I did, in fact, get him there. However, this one takes advantage of the new face printing technology and I’m a huge sucker for it.

Jon, why didn’t you do a review of the original Captain Rex? This is a review site after all!

Another great question and I really should have done a review on him but it slipped through the cracks. I tend to do this a lot. In all honesty, I am really trying to work on getting more reviews on this site.

Jon, why do you neglect to review half the things you buy?

Enough struggling with with my inner guilt. Non-exclusive Clone Captain Rex is out now and has a very appropriate upgrade that I can only hope five years of Star Wars Black main characters can get as well. Rex includes his two DC-17 Blasters and a removable helmet. Of course, his packaging conforms with the current Black Series standard.

Hasbro Star Wars Black Six-Inch #59 Clone Captain Rex Review

So what are the differences between this release and the HASCON exclusive version? Well, if you are into weapons the this release does not include the DC-15A Blaster Rifle (the long one) and the DC-15S Blaster Carbine (the smaller one). You’ll only be able to get them in the HASCON release. While the original exclusive version had decent face paint, the new one blows it away. It’s as if a mini Temuera Morrison with Sisqo white hair is living on my shelf.

On the subject of Sisqo, I know everyone remembers and cherishes the “Thong Song.” However, I was always a bigger fan of “Unleash the Dragon.

One of the more questionable decisions made with Rex is giving him a trigger finger only on his right hand when he had two blasters holstered on both sides of his belt! If you want him to duel-weild his weapons he has to oddly hold the weapon in his left hand. There is no use trying to swap heads or hands with the HASCON version because it’s the same. I’m thinking the original intention was for him to hold the barrels of the larger weapons with his left hand. Unfortunately, the non-exclusive release only has little blasters.

Hasbro Star Wars Black Six-Inch #59 Clone Captain Rex Review

Would I recommend Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Clone Captain Rex?

I like Captain Rex quite a bit. Face printing is still new and exciting for Hasbro’s Star Wars line, and it’s going to continue to draw me in. While I feel that the Hasbro figures still aren’t as well built as Bandai’s offerings, Black Series’ likenesses are killing their international counterparts. Rex also benefits by being from the prequel/Clone Wars era, which is the main focus of my Star Wars collecting.

Plain and simple, right now Hasbro’s six-inch Black Series Star Wars figures are a hell of a value at $20 a pop. The sculpts have generally always been there, but the face printing takes those likenesses to new heights.

If you can’t find him locally, it may be worth checking out Amazon.



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