Rampageo Industries: Void Patrol First Look

Rampageo Industries: Void Patrol First Look

Doctor Rampageo and I go way back! He started Doomkick roughly around the same time that I began working on Preternia around 2011, I believe. I owe the man a life-debt for some of the opportunities, knowledge, and people he’s been able to set me up with throughout the years. While we started out toy blogging, he ended up taking it to the next level and has, for years now, made a library of awesome original action figures. I, instead, chose the path of being mostly worthless and continuing to blog here. So while he gets to be a rock star, I get to sit at home late at night and chronicle his journey!

Rampageo Industries: Void Patrol First Look

Void Patrol!

The Void Patrol is Rampageo Industries new venture. It’s a 3.75-inch scaled, 3D printed action figure line. The debut wave will be called Boot Camp, and it will drop on June 15th, 2018 at 12 PM EST at the Doomkick store. There are going to be various characters to choose from, but the good Doctor was kind enough to provide us with one of the Galactic Council Troopers from the Pardus Company.

Generally, when I think ‘3D printed,’ I imagine some tiny squirrel statue with printed lines running down its body sculpt. Not these! Void Patrol are fully articulated action figures with accessories that are made to be played with and posed. The articulation is just about everything you would want out of a figure in this scale: neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees, and ankles. The figure feels sturdy. I would just exercise some caution or awareness when posing them since you don’t want to lean into a joint too hard when it’s facing the wrong way.

Rampageo Industries: Void Patrol First Look

Not only did we get a peek at the Council Trooper, but we also get to see the mail-away figure! Each purchase comes with a flyer that explains how to tighten up the figure’s joints if they ever come loose on you. Here are the full instructions:

“Thank you for your purchase of Void Patrol figures. These hand made figures should hold up well, but if the joints happen to get loose it is a simple fix. If a joint gets loose, simply pop apart the pieces and apply a thin layer of clear nail polish to one of the surfaces … wait 24 hours, reassemble, and you should be good for more play.

-Dr. Rampageo”

What this page also includes is a cut-away ‘Challenge Coin’ value that can be used to cash in for the all white mail away Stealth Scout! You’ll need 100 of these points to get one, and the good news is I’m only 90 away from cashing in again. Hahahaha, checkmate Doc!

I have to hand it to the man, I think these turned out incredible! I can’t imagine the time and patience it took for him to smooth these out and assemble each part for the final production pieces. Doctor Rampageo is like a one-man factory. It’s impressive work, and for $25, frankly it’s a steal. If you are interested in getting in on the Void Patrol Boot Camp wave drop, head on over to the Doomkick Store on June 15th. And for even more details there is a great post here showcasing the entire drop.

Rampageo Industries: Void Patrol First Look


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