Mythic Mondays: Mythic Legions Soul Spiller – Thallyn Frostbow

Mythic Mondays: Mythic Legions Soul Spiller – Thallyn Frostbow

Ok, it’s not Monday. I had intended to conclude this review in time for Monday but I ended up falling asleep. To anyone reading this a week later it’s not going to make a difference anyway since they probably won’t realize this wasn’t posted on the official Mythic Legions Theme Day.

Mythic Mondays: Mythic Legions Soul Spiller – Thallyn Frostbow

The Soul Spiller wave isn’t slated to ship for a little over another month. However, the Four Horsemen have been making appearances and selling figures from the wave at conventions in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area. I previously reviewed the Fury Clan Orc which was available to purchase from ToyConNJ. This past weekend was Zolocon, a Pennsylvania convention, and the Horsemen debuted three more Soul Spiller toys: Thallyn Frostbow, Shadow Elf Ranger, and Ragna Stormforger.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at Thallyn Frostbow:

Mythic Mondays: Mythic Legions Soul Spiller – Thallyn Frostbow

Thallyn Frostbow

As one of the only survivors of the Siege of Sjelgard, Thallyn Frostbow is on a mission to alert the world that the legendary vampire weapon known as the Soul Spiller has been retaken. This fabled bow caster is a Frost Elf, a culture so isolated and insular that many in the southern regions have never seen one and have only heard stories about her people. As she travels alongside Ragna Stormforger, Thallyn’s mission takes her to parts of the Mythoss that are so froeign and so beyond the realm of her experience, that she can barely contain her enthusiasm and wonder.

Admittedly, I missed the bus on the Mythic Legions Soul Spiller preorder. My plan was to grab the Fury Clan Orc, Thallyn, and the Ice Troll. That plan has almost worked out with these early releases, so I imagine when the in-stock sale happens I’ll grab myself a troll.

In general, I’ve been very happy with how well the Horsemen’s sculpts and paints from their prototypes transfer to the final product. Thallyn might be the first that slightly disappoints in that respect. I really liked the more grizzled, “Ice Bitch” look of the prototype. Almost a Cersei Lannister mixed with a Frost Elf. A lot of those facial details seem to have been washed out either by the paint or the sculpt slightly softening into production. Not that I don’t like her, I do, but I fell in love with that initial head sculpt which this is not quite.

Mythic Mondays: Mythic Legions Soul Spiller – Thallyn Frostbow

When it comes to capes or pelts, I would love it if the Four Horsemen could either include instructions with the figure or at least post them online for reference. Instead, it turns into a do-it-yourself guessing game as to what goes in what hole. Thallyn’s pelt doesn’t even have a hole. It took me some trial and error but it appears that the pelt is just supposed to rest under her right shoulder armor. It’s a really cool look, but I have my doubts about the longevity of it since I’ve already had clumps of fur fall out.

Despite a few nitpicks, I’m very happy with Thallyn Frostbow. I’ve always had a thing for action figures that are dressed to live in harshly cold environments such as Hoth Han Solo and Ice Armor He-Man. Thallyn’s large pelt really makes her stand out and look like a badass. I didn’t order a lot of elves in the initial Advent of Decay Kickstarter, so I was surprised at how well she holds her bow. There is nothing more annoying than when a figure includes a weapon that they can’t hold correctly.


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