Jazwares Fortnite 4-inch Series 3 A.I.M. Review

Jazwares Fortnite 4-inch Series 3 A.I.M. Review

The 4-inch Jazwares Fortnite line is just cranking along these days! I was just catching up with the second series (still have to grab The Visitor when I get the chance), and now the third series is already showing up online. A.I.M. is technically the first figure in the wave to be released. The nice thing about this is that Jazwares has been really good about updating the cross-sells on the back of their cards and the checklists packed in with their figures. This gives us a great preview of what we have to look forward to in series three. But I can talk about that another time … EEEEEE PEELY EEEEEEE!!

First off, apologies for the fuzzy shot of the back of A.I.M.’s card, I didn’t notice it was that bad until the packaging was on its way to the landfill, so no reshoots were possible. Anyway, A.I.M. is similar to the other “Early Game Survival Kit” releases such as Omega and The Visitor. These figures include an extra weapon, back bling, umbrella, and build parts which put them at around a $19.99 price point.

Not only is Jazwares pumping out tons of figures, but they really are doing some amazing work at this scale. I’m impressed by how they were able to keep his open midsection without any sacrifice. If anything, the abdomen joint on A.I.M. may have the best range of any figure in this scale so far. The rest of the figure keeps the same articulation scheme we’ve seen with all the other characters in this line. My only real issue with the articulation is the limited elbow range, but this isn’t a new complaint specific to A.I.M..

While the name “A.I.M.” is a reference to Aimbot hacks, the visual style of the head feels like it was influenced at least a little bit by Rom the Spaceknight.

Jazwares Fortnite 4-inch Series 3 A.I.M. Review

A.I.M. includes the E.L.I.M. back bling, which I believe was also part of the giant Clock Tower loot llama. There do not appear to be any differences between the two, but it would have been cool if one of them had a variant kill count on its screen.

Jazwares Fortnite 4-inch Series 3 A.I.M. Review

Would I suggest Jazwares Fortnite 4-Inch A.I.M.?

I understand that there are quite a few scales of Fortnite figures on the market right now, but if you are into the 4-inch line then this guy is a no-brainer. A.I.M. definitely exhibits what neat things can be done at this smaller scale. He’s a striking figure who really stands out among the others in this line.

Jazwares Fortnite 4-inch Series 3 A.I.M. Review

A.I.M. is currently available on Amazon!


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