MOTUC Masters of the Universe Classics Postmortem #4: Filmation Man-At-Arms (2018)

MOTUC Postmortem #5: Filmation Man-At-Arms (2018)

Duncan, more commonly known as Man-At-Arms, is at the forefront of the defenses of the kingdom of Eternos, providing a wealth of highly advanced devices and vehicles for use in defending Eternia. He is a loyal servant to King Randor and Queen Marlena, mentor and confidant to Prince Adam, and the adoptive father of Teela the daughter of the Sorceress. With his intelligence, incredible mechanical skill, and fatherly guidance, Man-At-Arms is one of the most valuable and beloved members of the Heroic Warriors.

Masters of the Universe Classics Postmortem #5

Name: Man-At-Arms
Real Name: Duncan
Company: Super7
Release Date: 2018

1 thought on “MOTUC Postmortem #5: Filmation Man-At-Arms (2018)”

  1. Even though this is included in the “MOTUC Postmortem”, I feel that the postmortem period began with the Filmation line. I love the Filmation cartoons, then and now, but I didn’t need to see its “Toontown” style brought over. We’d had numerous Filmation figures before (Adora, Catra, Adam, Frosta, Fang Man, Strongarm…); not only did they look good with the added detail, they blended with other Classicized figures from vintage toyline, 200X, New Adventures, and mini-comics. I always wanted Filmation figures like Mer-Man, Colossor, Zilora, and Sibyline, but with the Classics treatment. I’m just saying that my mourning began long before the final wave was announced.

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