Jazwares Fortnite Action Figure Master List

FNT0001: 4-inch – Loot Chest Store Display Box
FNT0002: 4-inch – Loot Chest (Bogey Bag, Grenade Launcher, SMG, Legendary Assault Rifle, Hand Cannon, 2x Building Material Wood)
FNT0003: 4-inch – Loot Chest (Catalyst, Rocket Launcher, Revolver, Legendary Burst Assault Rifle, Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle, 2x Building Material Wood)
FNT0004: 4-inch – Loot Chest (Frozen Shroud, Dual Pistold, LMG, Pump Shotgun, 2x Building Material Wood)
FNT0005: 4-Inch – Loot Chest (Standard Issue, Hunting Rifle, Assault Rifle, Burst Assault Rifle, Pistol, 2x Building Material Wood)
FNT0006: 4-Inch -Loot Chest (Uplink, Heavy Shotgun, Minigun, Burst Assault Rifle, 2x Building Material Wood)
FNT0007: 4-Inch- Loot Chest (Rust Bucket, Drum Gun, Scoped Assault Rifle, Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle, Tactical SMG, 2x Building Material Wood)

FNT0009: 4-Inch – Llama Drama Loot Piñata with Rust Lord

FNT0010: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Assortment One
FNT0011: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Carbide
FNT0012: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Drift
FNT0013: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Bandolier
FNT0014: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Raptor
FNT0015: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Teknique

FNT0016: 4-Inch – Early Game Survival Kit with Omega

FNT0019: 4-Inch – Squad Mode with Rex, Cuddle Team Leader, Brite Bomber, & Ragnarok

FNT0035: 4-Inch – Turbo Builder Set with Rabbit Raider & Vertex
FNT0036: 4-Inch – Turbo Builder Set with Jonesy & Raven

FNT0037: Plush – Loot Llama
FNT0038: Plush – Retail Display Box Assortment
FNT0039: Plush – Durrr Burger
FNT0040: Plush – Cuddle Team Leader
FNT0041: Plush – Boogie Bomb
FNT0042: Plush – Bear Force 1

FNT0047: 4-Inch – 1×1 Builder Set with Black Knight (Might be an Assortment Code)
FNT0048: 4-Inch – 1×1 Builder Set with Black Knight

FNT0051: Role Play – Thunder Crash Harvesting Tool
FNT0052: Role Play – Tat Axe Harvesting Tool

FNT0061: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Enforcer
FNT0062: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Havoc
FNT0063: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Wild Card
FNT0065: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Skull Trooper (Purple/Black)
FNT0066: 6-Inch – Legendary Series The Visitor

FNT0067: Plush – Loot Llama

FNT0068: 4-Inch – Loot Piñata with Rust Lord (Revision)

FNT0071: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Battle Hound
FNT0072: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Dark Bomber
FNT0073: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Skull Trooper
FNT0074: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Calamity
FNT0075: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Toxic Trooper

FNT0077: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Assortment Code (Raptor, Teknique, & Bandolier) (INTL)

FNT0078: 4- Inch – Turbo Builder Set with Jonesy & Raven (Revision)

FNT0079: 12-Inch – Victory Series Assortment Code (Tomatohead, DJ Yonder, Black Knight, & Beef Boss)

FNT0081: 12-Inch – Victory Series Cuddle Team Leader
FNT0082: 12-Inch – Victory Series Skull Trooper
FNT0083: 12-Inch – Victory Series Rust Lord
FNT0084: 12-Inch – Victory Series Tomatohead
FNT0085: 12-Inch – VIctory Series DJ Yonder

FNT0087: Role Play – Death Valley Harvesting Tool

FNT0088: 4-Inch – Loot Battle Box Assortment Code
FNT0089: 4-Inch – Loot Battle Box (Black Shield Back Bling, Legendary Assault Rifle, Tactical SMG, Burst Assault Rifle, Hunting Rifle, 2x Metal Building Material)
FNT0090: 4-Inch – Loot Battle Box (Pathogen Back Bling, Minigun, Grenade Launcher, Legendary Burst AR, Suppressed SMG, 2x Metal Building Material)
FNT0091: 4-Inch – Loot Battle Box (Crested Cape Back Bling, Burst AR, Double Barrel Shotgun, Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, Legendary AR, 2x Metal Building Material)
FNT0092: 4-Inch – Loot Battle Box (Ghost Portal Back Bling, Scoped Assault Rifle, Grappler, Rocket Launcher, Heavy Shotgun, 2x Metal Building Material)
FNT0093: 4-Inch – Loot Battle Box (Bonesy Back Bling, Pump Shotgun, Drum Gun, Tactical Shotgun, Thermal Scoped AR, 2x Metal Building Material)
FNT0094: 4-Inch – Loot Battle Box (Backup Plan Back Bling, Double Barrel Shotgun, LMG, Heavy Sniper Rifle, Clinger, 2x Metal Building Material)

FNT0095: 4-Inch – Birthday Llama Loot Piñata with Dark Voyager

FNT0096: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Havoc
FNT0097: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Longshot
FNT0098: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Frostbite
FNT0099: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Triage Trooper
FNT0100: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Verge
FNT0101: 4-Inch – Solo Mode DJ Yonder
FNT0102: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Ruckus

FNT0103: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Max Level Omega Assortment (Purple & Orange) (INTL)
FNT0104: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Max Level Omega Orange (INTL)

FNT0106: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Max Level Ragnarok

FNT0107: 4-Inch – Early Game Survival Kit The Visitor

FNT0108: 4-Inch – Late Game Survival Kit with Crackshot & Leviathan

FNT0109: 4-Inch – Squad Mode with Trog, Moisty Merman, Omen, & Ravage

FNT0110: 6-Inch – Legendary Loadouts (Minigun, LMG, Rocket Launcher, & Pump Shotgun)

FNT0111: 12-Inch – Victory Series Black Knight

FNT0115: 4-Inch – Turbo Builder Set with Rabbit Raider & Vertex

FNT0118: 4-Inch – RC ATK Vehicle with Drift

FNT0119: Drone – Battle Bus Drone (Not in scale with figures)

FNT0121: 4-Inch – Cloudstrike Glider Drone with Purple Skull Trooper

FNT0124: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Rabbit Raider

FNT0125: 4-Inch – Early Game Survival Kit Vendetta

FNT0126: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Valkyrie
FNT0127: 6-Inch – Legendary Series DJ Yonder
FNT0128: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Leviathan
FNT0129: 6-Inch – Legendary Series X-Lord (Scavenger)
FNT0130: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Abstrakt
FNT0131: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Tomatohead
FNT0132: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Peely
FNT0133: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Jonesy
FNT0134: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Eternal Voyager (Amazon Link)
FNT0135: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Beef Boss
FNT0136: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Raven
FNT0137: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Molten Battle Hound
FNT0138: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Rust Lord
FNT0139: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Frozen Raven

FNT0140: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Max Level Omega (Orange)

FNT0146: 12-Inch – Victory Series Jonesy
FNT0147: 12-Inch – Victory Series Fishstick
FNT0148: 12-Inch – Victory Series Galaxy
FNT0149: 12-Inch – Victory Series The Visitor

FNT0161: 6-Inch – Legendary Loadout (Flint-Knock Pistol, Grappler, Double Barrel Shotgun, & Crossbow)

FNT0163: 4-Inch – Quadcrasher Vehicle with Burnout

FNT0164: 12-Inch – Victory Series Deluxe Assortment Code
FNT0165: 12-Inch – Victory Series Deluxe Drift
FNT0166: 12-Inch – Victory Series Deluxe Omega

FNT0167: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Series 2 Assortment Code (INTL)
FNT0168: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Dark Bomber, Skull Trooper, & Havoc Bundle (INTL)
FNT0169: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Battle Hound, Toxic Trooper, & Calamity Bundle (INTL)
FNT0170: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Series 3 Assortment Code (INTL)
FNT0171: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Series 3A Assortment Code (INTL)

FNT0201: 12-Inch – Victory Series Duos Skull Trooper (Green Glow) & Cuddle Team Leader

FNT0204: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Crackshot

FNT0207: 4-Inch – Jumbo Loot Llama Piñata with Ice King & Frozen Raven

FNT0208: 12-Inch – Victory Series Squad Mode Skull Trooper (Purple), Panda Team Leader, DJ Yonder, & Black Knight

FNT0211: 4-Inch – Turbo Builder Set with Jonesy & Ragnarok (INTL)
FNT0212: 4-Inch – Squad Mode Mission Specialist, Moisty Merman, Highrise Assault Trooper, & Trog (INTL)

FNT0214: Role Play – Peely Banana Pick

FNT0283: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Drift (Amazon Link)
FNT0284: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Ruin (Amazon Link)

FNT0285: 12-Inch – Victory Series Raptor

FNT0288: 12-Inch Victory Series Warpaint

FNT0380: 4-Inch – Battle Bus Vehicle with Recruit Jonesy

FNT0387: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Ragnarok

FNT0410: 4-Inch – Hot Drop Golde Midas (Amazon Link)
FNT0411: 4-Inch – Hot Drop Ultima Knight (Amazon Link)

FNT0412: 4-Inch – Squad Mode Big Foot, King Flamingo, Elite Agent, & Prickly Patroller

FNT0414: 4-Inch – Turbo Builder Set with Fable & Dire

FNT0421: 4-Inch – ATK Vehicle Stinger Wrap with Copper Wasp (Amazon Link)

FNT0425: 12-Inch – Victory Series Eternal Voyager
FNT0426: 12-Inch – Victory Series Battle Hound
FNT0428: 12-Inch – Victory Series Raven
FNT0429: 12-Inch – Victory Series Wild Card

FNT0449: 12-Inch – Victory Series Duos The Visitor & Galaxy

FNT0467: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Doggo (Amazon Link)
FNT0468: 6-Inch – Legendary Series The Brat (Amazon Link)
FNT0469: 6-Inch – Legendary Series P-1000 (Amazon Link)

FNT0473: 12-Inch – Victory Series Wild Card (INTL)

FNT0475: 12-Inch – Victory Series Duos Raven & Eternal Voyager (INTL)

FNT0487: 12-Inch – Victory Series Squads Frozen Raven, Dark Voyager, Highrise Assault Trooper, & Tomatohead (INTL)

FNT0491: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Peely (INTL Blister Card)
FNT0492: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Skull Trooper (INTL Blister Card)
FNT0493: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Drift (INTL Blister Card)
FNT0494: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Battle Hound (INTL Blister Card)
FNT0495: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Toxic Trooper (INTL Blister Card)

FNT0498: 4-Inch – Vending Machine with Fallen Love Ranger (INTL Window Packaging)
FNT0499: 4-Inch – Vending Machine with X-Lord (INTL Window Packaging)

FNT0503: 4-Inch – Glider Assortment

FNT0524: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Fishstick (Amazon Link)
FNT0525: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Aerial Threat (Amazon Link)

FNT0530: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Ghoul Trooper (Amazon Link)

FNT0555: Plush – The Cube “Kevin”
FNT0556: Plush – Flopper
FNT0557: Plush – Broken Heart

FNT0570: 12-Inch – Victory Series 8-Ball
FNT0572: 12-Inch – Victory Series Molten Battle Hound
FNT0574: 12-Inch – Victory Series Triggerfish
FNT0575: 12-Inch – Victory Series Dark Rex

FNT0582: 4-Inch – Season’s Greeting Trio Set Frozen Love Ranger, Crackshot (Gold), & Yule Trooper

(Amazon 4″ Figure Bundles)
FNT0583: 4-Inch – Midfield Maestro & Supply Crate C
FNT0584: 4-Inch – Bone Wasp & Supply Crate B
FNT0585: 4-Inch – Singularity & Supply Crate A
FNT0586: 4-Inch – Skull Trooper (Inverted) & Supply Crate D
FNT0587: 4-Inch – Tempest & Discovery Glider
FNT0588: 4-Inch – Yond3r & Glow Rider Glider

FNT0589: Role Play – Duel Edge Foam Harvesting Tool
FNT0590: Role Play – Cosmic Cleavers Foam Harvesting Tool

FNT0595: 4-Inch – Battle Bus Vehicle with Recruit Jonesy & Tomatohead (Amazon Excl)

FNT0599: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Midfield Maestro
FNT0600: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Tempest
FNT0601: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Singularity
FNT0602: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Tomatohead
FNT0603: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Scratch
FNT0604: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Bone Wasp
FNT0605: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Yond3r
FNT0606: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Skulltrooper (Inverted)
FNT0607: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Omega (Purple)

FNT0608: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Slushy Soldier

FNT0620: 4-Inch – Mythic Fish Assortment Code

FNT0627: 4-Inch – Shadow Henchman Chest (Head & Hips)
FNT0628: 4-Inch – Shadow Henchman Chest (Right Arm & Right Leg)
FNT0629: 4-Inch – Shadow Henchman Chest (Left Arm & Left Leg)
FNT0630: 4-Inch – Shadow Henchman Chest (Torso & Midsection)

FNT0631: 4-Inch – Ghost Henchman Chest (Head & Hips)
FNT0632: 4-Inch – Ghost Henchman Chest (Right Arm & Right Leg)
FNT0633: 4-Inch – Ghost Henchman Chest (Left Arm & Left Leg)
FNT0634: 4-Inch – Ghost Henchman Chest (Torso & Midsection)

FNT0636: 4-Inch – Vending Machine with The Scientist
FNT0637: 4-Inch – Vending Machine with Rippley

FNT0638: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Brutus (Shadow)
FNT0639: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Bash
FNT0640: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Supersonic
FNT0641: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Lynx
FNT0642: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Ex
FNT0643: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Cyclo
FNT0644: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Renegade Shadow
FNT0645: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Fusion

FNT0647: 4-Inch – Agent Room with Meowscles (Shadow & Ghost)
FNT0648: 4-Inch – Agent Room with Agent Peely (Shadow & Ghost)

FNT0649: 4-Inch – Squad Mode Dark Legends (Dark Red Knight, Dark Wild Card, Dark Jonesy, Glow Raptor)

FNT0651: 4-Inch – Small Vehicle Kaboom Glider with Jules
FNT0653: 4-Inch – Vehicle The Choppa with Blaze

FNT0654: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Agent Peely
FNT0655: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Recruit Jonesy
FNT0656: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Midas
FNT0657: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Raptor (Glow)
FNT0658: 6-Inch – Legendary Series 8-Ball
FNT0659: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Skulltrooper (Inverted)
FNT0660: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Dark Voyager
FNT0661: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Oro

FNT0664: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Oversized Kit
FNT0666: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Oversized Meowscles
FNT0668: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Oversized The Scientist

FNT0669: 12-Inch – Victory Series Skull Trooper (Purple)
FNT0670: 12-Inch – Victory Series Contract Giller

FNT0681: 4-Inch – Solo Mode DJ Yonder (New Price Point)
FNT0682: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Beef Boss (New Price Point)
FNT0683: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Luminos (New Price Point)
FNT0684: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Spider Knight (New Price Point)
FNT0685: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Frostbite (New Price Point)
FNT0687: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Master Key (New Price Point)
FNT0688: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Rogue Agent (New Price Point)

FNT0695: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Shadow Brutus (INTL Blister Card)
FNT0696: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Supersonic (INTL Blister Card)
FNT0697: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Ex (INTL Blister Card)
FNT0698: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Bash (INTL Blister Card)
FNT0700: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Cyclo (INTL Blister Card)
FNT0701: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Renegade Shadow (INTL Blister Card)

FNT0704: 4-Inch – Vending Machine with The Scientist (INTL Window Packaging)
FNT0705: 4-Inch – Vending Machine with Rippley (INTL Window Packaging)

FNT0707: 12-Inch – Victory Series Duos 8-Ball (Gold) & Double Agent Wildcard

FNT0714: 4-Inch – Shadow Henchman BAF 4 Accessory Chest Set (Amazon Link)
FNT0715: 4-Inch – Ghost Henchman BAF 4 Accessory Chest Set (Amazon Link)

FNT0722: Plush – Monk
FNT0723: Plush – Bushranger
FNT0724: Plush – Meowscles

FNT0728: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Shadow Henchman
FNT0729: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Ghost Henchman (Walmart Listing)

FNT0733: 4-Inch – RC Mudflap Vehicle with Relaxed Fit Jonesy (Amazon Link)

FNT0735: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Unnamed (Amazon Link)

FNT0774: 4-Inch – Shadow Brutus + Mythic Fish (Amazon Excl)
FNT0775: 4-Inch – Cyclo + Mythic Fish (Amazon Excl)

FNT0798: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Ice King (Red) (Walmart Listing)
FNT0799: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Unpeely (Walmart Listing)
FNT0800: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Paradigm (Walmart Listing)
FNT0801: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Frozen Fishstick (Walmart Listing)
FNT0802: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Shark Henchmen (Walmart Listing)
FNT0803: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Fennix
FNT0804: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Triggerfish
FNT0805: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Love Ranger (Walmart Listing)
FNT0806: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Grotto Henchmen (Walmart Listing)
FNT0807: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Sludge (Walmart Listing)

FNT0809: 4-Inch – Unnamed Preset Pack (Amazon Link)
FNT0810: 4-Inch – Preset Pack with Gold 8-Ball

FNT0817: 4-Inch – Whiplash Vehicle with X-Lord (Black) (Amazon Link)

FNT0819: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Unnamed (Amazon Link)
FNT0821: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Unnamed (Amazon Link)

FNT0825: 6-Inch – Legendary Series Brawlers Shadow Kit (Amazon Link)

FNT0844: 4-Inch – Vending Machine with Kit (INTL Window Packaging)

FNT0847: 4-Inch – Deluxe The Vault Diorama with Shadow Jules & Midas (Amazon Link)

FNT0851: 4-Inch – ATK Vehicle Amazon Exclusive (Amazon Link)

FNT0893: 4-Inch – Shark Henchman (?) BAF 4 Accessory Chest Set (Amazon Link)

FNT0894: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Sludge + Upgrade Shark (Amazon Link)
FNT0895: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Unpeely + Upgrade Shark (Amazon Link)

FNT1046: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Jellie (Amazon Link)
FNT1050: 4-Inch – Solo Mode Limited Edition Chaos Double Agent (Amazon Link)

FNT1065: 4-Inch – Emote Series Toon Meowscles + Chugga Chugga (Amazon Link)

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