Deadpool (X-Force) – HASCON Exclusive September 2017

Deadpool (X-Force) – HASCON Exclusive

Year: 2017
: Hasbro
: Marvel Legends
: Deadpool, X-Force
Real Name
: Wade Wilson
: So you need someone to do the dirty work? Great news: that’s his favorite kind of work.
Original Retail: $19.99
Accessories: Blast Effect, Taco, Unmasked Face, 2 Pistols, 2 Swords, Knife, Bazooka, Water Pistol, and Sniper Rifle
Build-A-Figure Part: None
Notes: This figure was an exclusive to the first HASCON Convention, September 8-10, 2017

Hasbro Marvel Legends HASCON Exclusive X-Force Deadpool Review


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