Mattel Thundercats Classics Release Dates and Checklist

Mattel’s Thundercats Classics – Release Dates and Checklist

Mattel Thundercats Classics Checklist and Release Dates

At San Diego Comic Convention 2015, Mattel announced that they had acquired the rights to Thundercats, and would be producing figures in a similar style to their long running Masters of the Universe Classics toy line.  The original reveal was of Lion-O and Jackalman using MOTUC bodies, so that they would fit in seamlessly with Mattel’s other subscription line.  In February 2016, the Club Third Earth’s subscription was revealed and Thundercats is now a Mattycollector exclusive action figure line.  The line will kick off at San Diego Comic Convention 2016 with an exclusive item, and then the subscriptions will start September 2016 with Lion-O.

We’re already hosting a checklist for Masters of the Universe Classics, so why not Thundercats?

(Note – Updated as of 11/11/2016)


Mattycollector will be closing it’s doors as of December 31, 2016. For the time being, this means the end of the Thundercats Classics line.

Unfortunately since Mattel doesn’t own the Thundercats ip, a transfer to Super7 isn’t possible at this time. If Thundercats Classics is ever resurrected, we will be first to update the list and inform you when it happens. Thanks!


Panthro (Club Third Earth – $25)

Pumrya (Club Third Earth – $25)
Mumm-Ra (Club Third Earth Exclusive – $25)

Jackalman (Club Third Earth – $25)

Lion-O (Club Third Earth – $25)

Wily Kit and Wily Kat Two-Pack (Non Sub – $60)


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