New York Comic Convention 2014 Exclusive Checklist


With New York Comic Convention a few weeks out now we’re finally starting to get announcements as to who is going to be there and what exclusives may be available.  This year NYCC seems to have a lot more exclusives than past years, so I figure I’d try to round them all up and make a nice little checklist for anyone planning on going to the show (or at least scouring the internet afterwards on the secondary market).



Booth # 2654

Funko POP! – NYCC Exclusive Color Scheme Signature Stan Lee $25

[h2]DC Entertainment[/h2]

Booth # 1644 (Graphitti Designs)

Batman # 35 (Exclusive Cover) $10
Batgirl # 35 (Exclusive Cover) $10
The Multiversity # 1 (Exclusive Cover) $10
Harley Quinn: Futures End # 1 (Exclusive Cover) $10
The Sandman: Overture # 1 (Exclusive Cover) $15

[h2]Fugitive Toys[/h2]

Funko POP! – Frost Giant Loki
Funko POP! – Glow in the Dark Frost Giant Loki
Funko POP! – Star Sapphire Wonder Woman
Funko POP! – Metallic Star Sapphire Wonder Woman




Nightwing Origins ARTFX+ Blue 10″ Statue


Sons of Anarchy – Clay Morrow (Orange Prison Suit) $30
Sons of Anarchy – Jax Teller (Blue Prison Suit) $30
Black and White Mummy Variant $50
Son of Frankenstein $50
Living Dead Dolls – 16th Anniversary Pink Posey $40

[h2]Midtown Comics[/h2]

Death of Wolverine # 1-4 (Exclusive Connecting Covers)
Doctor Who 12th Doctor # 1 (Exclusive Cover)
Thor # 1 (Exclusive Cover)
Wytches # 1 (Exclusive Cover)
Sabrina # 1 (Exclusive Cover)
Avengers & X-Men #1 (Exclusive Cover)


Booth # 113

Hunter Mako 8″ resin figure by Brent Nolasco $120
Astronocchio 5″ clear blue resin figure by Dave Bondi $65 limited to 25
Junior Rosebud by Lou Pimentel $35
Sylvan Yeti by Gary Ham $75 limited to 50
Sleeptime Bunnies Sweet Harvest Colorways blind boxed by Peter Kato $12

For more infor check out

[h2]Square Enix[/h2]

Play Arts Kai Batman Arkham Origins: Deathstroke (Limited Edition Colorway – Gold/Black) $100 limited to 1,000
Not attending?  Preorder here.

[h2]Toy Tokyo[/h2]

Booth # 101

Funko POP! Asia – Gold and Black Jiangshi Hopping Ghosts (The Prime Minister, The Sheriff, Little Prince, and The Judge)
Funko POP! – Flocked Frozen’s Olaf
Funko POP! – Planet Arlia Vegeta (Green and Orange Outfit)
Funko Hiraki – Green, red, and gold Creature from the Black Lagoon limited to 600
Funko ReAction – NES Style Freddy and Jason

Hope this helps!  Feel free to drop me a line if I missed anything.



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