Resident Evil Action Figure Checklists

Resident Evil Figures Checklist (Currently a work in progress, I am adding links to various places these figures can be purchased … prices fluctuate so I will just refer to the vendor if you want to purchase a figure)


Resident Evil:

  • Zombie & Forest Speyer
  • Tyrant
  • Hunter & Chimera
  • Chris Redfield & Cerebus
  • Jill Valentine & Web Spinner

Resident Evil 2:

  • Ada Wong & Ivy
  • Leon Kennedy & Licker
  • Claire Redfield & Zombie Cop
  • William G-3 & G4 (Transforms into either or)
  • William Birkin & Sherry Birkin (William is in G-2 Form)
  • Mr. X & Tyrant (Mr X comes with Tyrant parts)


Palisades Toys:

Palisades’ Resident Evil line was one of the first major licenses Palisades Toys did in-house.  They did three waves of 7″ scale, fully articulated action figures.  Like most Palisades’ lines they also did higher end collectibles including busts and statues.  The figures were carried in specialty shops and EB Games.  A fourth series was planned and some parts sculpted but never came to be, there was a Nemesis Type 2 planned, as well as a female zombie, and a Jill as well.  There were two busts that never came out, including a Tyrant and Jill.  The series one Leon was originally to be a statue, but was tooled into a figure.

Series 1: (Released early 2001)

  • Leon Kennedy
  • Leon Kennedy (Wounded Variant)
  • Nemesis
  • Nemesis (Open Mouth – EB Games Exclusive)
  • Nosferatu
  • Soldier Zombie w/ Zombie Dog
  • Soldier Zombie w/ Zombie Dog (Camo – Wizard World Chicago 2001 Exclusive)

Series 2: (Released early 2002)

  • Alexia Ashford
  • Claire Redfield
  • Claire Redfield (Wounded Variant)
  • Mr. X
  • Zombie Cop w/ Licker
  • Zombie Cop w/ Licker (Blue Variant)

Series 3:

  • Chris Redfield
  • Chris Redfield (Cammo Pants Variant – One per case)
  • Tyrant
  • Wesker w/ Hunter (Glasses head on figure)
  • Wesker w/ Hunter (Evil eyes head on figure)
  • William G-4

Vinyl Statues:

  • 12″ Jill Valentine (RE3 Outfit)
  • 16″ Nemesis

Polystone Statues:

  • Claire Redfield (Production run of 1000)
  • William Birkin G2 (Production run of 400)

Polystone Busts:

  • Nemesis (Production run of 3500)

Prototype picture of the sculpted, but unreleased series 4 Zombie Chick:


Moby Dick:

The Moby Dick line was a series of 8″ to 9″ scale figures with limited articulation.   Each figure included a part to make a huge Nemesis Type 3, he was roughly 2 feet long.  About half the series was imported pretty heavily to the US and generally sell for pretty low prices.  The other half, including Rebecca, Leon, Hunk, Licker, and Nemesis Type 2 were never imported and only Diamond brought them over in very limited quantities.  Certain characters were paired into two packs as well, they planned two packs for the entire like but only the first four made it out.

The Nemesis Type 3 was also released put together in a large box a few years after the line ended.

 Two Packs:

  • Series 1 – Jill Valentine (RE3) & Drain Deimos
  • Series 1 – Jill Valentine (RE3) & Drain Deimos (Gold)
  • Series 1 – Jill Valentine (RE3) & Drain Deimos (Silver)
  • Series 2 – Jill Valentine (BSAA) & Hunter Beta
  • Series 2 – Jill Valentine (BSAA) & Hunter Beta (Gold)
  • Series 3 – Jill Valentine (Dino Crisis) & Brain Sucker
  • Series 4 – Nemesis & Carlos Oliveira
  • Series 4 – Nemesis & Carlos Oliveira (Silver)

Single Packs:

  • Series 4 – Nemesis
  • Series 5 – Claire Redfield (Biker)
  • Series 6 – Nemesis Type 2
  • Series 7 – Chris Redfield
  • Series 8 – Tyrant (Mr. X)
  • Series 9 – Claire Redfield
  • Series 10 – Super Tyrant
  • Series 11 – Hunk
  • Series 12 – Ivy
  • Series 13 – Leon
  • Series 14 – Licker
  • Series 15 – Rebecca Chambers
  • Series 16 – Tyrant
  • William Birkin G-2 w/ video
  • William Birkin G-2 dark variant
  • Nemesis Type 3 Complete



Neca picked up the Resident Evil license in time for Resident Evil 4.  They started with figures from RE4 and eventually went back and did figures based on the Remake of Resident Evil for Gamecube.  The Resident Evil 4 figures are very similar to the NECA movie figures of the time in having limited articulation but very strong sculpts and paint.  Resident Evil 5 figures were made with a much larger amount of articulation.  NECA currently still has the license and currently has a figure of Vector planned for release in 2012 from the upcoming Operation Racoon City game.

Resident Evil 4 Series 1:

  • Leon Kennedy [Amazon]
  • Leon Kennedy (Coat Variant)
  • Ada Wong [Amazon]
  • Chainsaw Ganado
  • Chainsaw Ganado (Bloody Chase Variant 1 in every 10 cases, roughly 500 made)
  • Verdugo [Amazon]

Resident Evil 4 Series 2: (This set came with four different Illuminados Monks)

  • Garrador
  • Illuminados Monk (Hooded with Shield)
  • Illuminados Monk (Red with Skull Mask)
  • Illuminados Monk (Crossbow with Skull Mask)
  • Illuminados Monk (Hood down with Sickle)
  • Krauser
  • Regenerator (Iron Maiden)
  • Regenerator (Iron Maiden Thermal Variant)
  • Leon Kennedy (RPD Variant – SDCC Exclusive) [Amazon]

Resident Evil 10th Anniversary Series 1: (These are all based on the Resident Evil 1 remake except Hunk)

  • Hunk
  • Zombie (with removable limbs)
  • Jill Valentine
  • Jill Valentine (Green Chase Variant)
  • Chris Redfield

Resident Evil 10th Anniversary Series 2:

  • Tyrant [Amazon]
  • Hunter [Amazon]
  • Licker [Amazon]
  • Crimson Head Zombie [Amazon]
  • Labcoat Zombie (Exclusive – I believe it was Suncoast/Sam Goody Exclusive will look into it)

Resident Evil Archives Series 1: (Archives are reissues of prior series, sometimes with decal or color changes)

  • Chris Redfield
  • Licker
  • Zombie with Dog

Resident Evil Archives Series 2:

  • Jill Valentine
  • Jill Valentine (Black Outfit)
  • Hunter
  • Lab Coat Zombie [Amazon]

Resident Evil 5:

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City:

  • Vector


Hot Toys:

Resident Evil 4:

  • Krauser
  • Krauser (Transformed
  • Chainsaw Ganado
  • Leon Kennedy
  • Leon Kennedy (RPD Outfit)
  • Ada Wong (June 2013 – Preorder)

Resident Evil 5:

  • Jill Valentine (Battle Suit)
  • Jill Valentine (BSAA Outfit)
  • Chris Redfield (BSAA Outfit)
  • Chris Redfield (STARS Outfit)
  • Sheva Alomar (BSAA Outfit)
  • Albert Wesker (Midnight)
  • Albert Wesker (STARS Outfit)

Resident Evil Afterlife (Movie):

  • Alice



Dragon put out a couple of 12″ figures for Resident Evil: Code Veronica.  They were made with “real skin” type of bendy plastic with wire frames.  Unfortunately if you bent their arms or legs too much the material the skin was made out of would tear.  The figures did come with large amounts of accessories though, each box included a mini arsenal.  In addition two mini figures were released of Chris and Claire, a Leon and Jill were planned and even pictures were shown but never released.

Dragon 12″ Resident Evil: Code Veronica:

  • Chris Redfield
  • Claire Redfield

Dragon Mini Figures:

  • Chris Redfield
  • Claire Redfield


Hollywood Collectibles Group:

Hollywood Collectibles Group picked up the Resident Evil license 2011 to do premium statues and prop replicas.  Their first statue was Alice from the Resident Evil: Afterlife movie.  They have upcoming game related statues including Nemesis, Chris Redfield, and a zombie cop.

2011 Releases:

  • Resident Evil: Afterlife 1:4 Scale Alice Statue
  • Resident Evil: Afterlife 15″ Axeman Statue
  • Resident Evil Licker Diorama
  • Resident Evil: Afterlife Axeman Bobblehead

2012 Releases:

  • Resident Evil: Afterlife 1:6 Scale “Ninja” Alice
  • Resident Evil: Afterlife 1:1 Scale Alice’s Katana Prop Replica
  • Resident Evil: Afterlife 1:1 Shuriken Display Prop Replica
  • Resident Evil 5 1:6 Scale Chris Redfield Statue
  • Resident Evil 3 21″ Nemesis Statue


Art Asylum:

Although it is not a Resident Evil line, Art Asylum’s Minimate line has Resident Evil characters in them based on their Marvel vs. Capcom 3 appearances.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Minimates Series 2:

  • Spider-Man vs. Chris Redfield
  • Storm vs. Jill Valentine

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Minimates Series 3:

  • Dr. Doom vs. Wesker


Square Enix – Play Arts Kai:

Resident Evil 4 –

  • Sheva Alomar
  • Chris Redfield

Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City –

  • Lupo (September 2012)

Resident Evil 6 –

  • Leon
  • Hunnigan

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  1. Hello, You’re missing a figure.

    Toy Biz line, Resident Evil 2
    Hunk & Zombie

    Also, the Resident Evil 2 figures from Toy Biz were separated into 2 series. You can clearly identify this because series 2 said Platinum on the front

    series 1: Claire, Leon, Birkin G3/G4
    series 2: Ada, Hunk, Mr. X, Birkin G2

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