San Diego Comic Con Exclusives Checklist 2013


It’s BACK!  The San Diego Comic Convention International will be held July 18 – 21, 2013.  Like last year we will be keeping track of the exclusives you will be able to get at the show, and of course linking you to anywhere you may be able to obtain them if you won’t be there in person.  Keep checking back because news will start dropping on exclusives as we get closer and closer to this year’s SDCC!

Last Update: 06/18/2013

MattelNECABif Bang PowQMxDiamond SelectHasbro
Gentle GiantPlay ArtsSideshowKotobukiyaMezco Toyz
HuckleberryApplehead Factory DesignCapcomHot Toys
BandaiThe Bridge DirectToyMunkey Studios
Factory Entertainment DC CollectiblesFour Horsemen
Retro Outlaw

(Preorder for show attendees will start June 4, 2013, leftover stock will be sold August 5, 2013 on

  • Masters of the Universe Classics – Rokkon and Stonedar Rockmen Two-Pack ($60)
  • Masters of the Universe – Mini Masters Skeletor and He-Man
  • Hot Wheels – Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider
  • Hot Wheels – Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper
  • Hot Wheels – Atari Beach Bomb Pickup
  • Hot Wheels – A-Team Custom GMC Panel Van
  • DC Club Infinite Earths – New 52 Shazam!
  • Batman Classic – Adam West Batusi Batman w/ Sound Chip and Television Box
  • Barbie – Catwoman
  • Man of Steel Movie Masters – Superman vs. General Zod Two-Pack
  • Monster High – Webarella
  • Back to the Future – Hoverboard Prop Replica (Extra Stock)

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(Items should be available for sale at the NECA Amazon store)

  • Predator – “Albino” Predator from Dead End Fan Film ($25)
  • Friday the 13th – NES Style Jason Voorhees
  • Kick Ass 2 – Betsy Ross (Colonol Stars and Stripe’s Axe Handle) Prop Replica ($50)
  • Kick Ass 2 – Series 1 Set with Uncensored Packaging Kick Ass, Hit Girl, The Motherfucker ($75)

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[h3_focus_heading]Bif Bang Pow:[/h3_focus_heading]
(Will be sold through EntertainmentEarth, on site and at booth #2343)

  • Six Million Dollar Man – Retro Tin Tote Gift Set ($34.99)
  • Dexter – 3 3/4″ Blood Splatter Analyst in Air Conditioner Case ($49.99)
  • Star Trek TNG – Wesley Crusher Deluxe Bobblehead ($19.99)
  • Doctor Who – River Song’s Journal Replica ($79.99)


  • TBA!

[h3_focus_heading]Diamond Select:[/h3_focus_heading]

  • Bearbrick – DC Comics Super Powers Riddler ($14.99)
  • Bearbrick – DC Comics Super Powers Superman ($14.99)
  • Minimates – Lost in Space B&W Dr. Smith and Robot ($9.99)
  • Minimates – Walking Dead Herschel’s Farm Box Set ($19.99)
  • Minimates – Marvel Wolverine Saga Minimates Box Set ($19.99)
  • Minimates – B&W Jay and Silent Bob Two Pack ($9.99)
  • Star Wars – R2-B1 Figure Bank ($22.99)


  • Star Wars Black (6″) – Boba Fett with Han in Carbonite ($44.99)
  • Star Wars Angry Birds – Vintage 12 Figure Set ($24.99)
  • Transformers – Exclusive Metroplex
  • Marvel Universe – Deadpool Corps Box Set ($49.99)
  • Marvel Legends – Thunderbolts Box Set ($89.99)
  • GI Joe/Transformers – Hound/Snake Eyes Baroness/Ravage Box Set ($99.99)
  • Jem and the Holograms – “Glitter N’ Gold” Jem ($140)
  • My Little Pony – DJ Pon-3 ($49.99)

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[h3_focus_heading]Gentle Giant:[/h3_focus_heading]
(Preorders are available to GG Premier Guild Members)

  • Star Wars – “Magnitude” An Admiral Ackbar Mini Bust ltd 500 ($175)
  • Honey Trap – Whisper Variant ltd 100 ($669)
  • Marvel – Galactus Mini Bust ltd 800 ($120)

[h3_focus_heading]Play Arts Kai:[/h3_focus_heading]
(can be purchased off the SE store)

  • Dark Knight Trilogy – Black Metallic Finish Batman ($64.99)

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  • TBA!


  • TBA!

[h3_focus_heading]Mezco Toyz:[/h3_focus_heading]
(All exclusives can be preordered over at Mezco’s online store)

  • Living Dead Dolls – Resurrection Series 7 ($225)
  • Living Dead Dolls – Resurrection Series 7 Variant Edition ($250)
  • Breaking Bad – Walter White in Hazmat Suit ($35)
  • Thundercats – Cheetara and Snarf Epic Scale Two-Pack ($50)

[h3_focus_heading]Huckleberry and Toddland:[/h3_focus_heading]

  • TBA!

 [h3_focus_heading]Applehead Factory:[/h3_focus_heading]

  • TBA!


  • TBA!

[h3_focus_heading]Hot Toys:[/h3_focus_heading]

  • TBA!


  • TBA!

[h3_focus_heading]The Bridge Direct:[/h3_focus_heading]

  • The Hobbit – Azog (7″ Prologue Version with interchangable arms and severed head)

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[h3_focus_heading]ToyMunkey Studios:[/h3_focus_heading]

  • Silent Hill 2 – Bubble Head Nurse Statue
  • Silent Hill 2 – Red Pyramid Head Statue

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[h3_focus_heading]Factory Entertainment:[/h3_focus_heading]
(Exclusives can be ordered on their site now.)

  • The Beatles – Giant Yellow Submarine Plush ($129.99)
  • Game of Thrones – Throw Pillow ($29.99)
  • Archer – Pam’s Dolphin Puppet ($25.00)

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[h3_focus_heading]DC Collectibles:[/h3_focus_heading]

  • Aardman Style – Superman ($24.95)
  • Super Best Friends Forever – Wonder Girl, Supergirl, and Batgirl Three-Pack ($49.95)
  • Batman Arkham City – 6″ Hugo Strange ($29.95)
  • Superheroes of Green Lantern 4-Pack – 3 3/4″ Black Hand, Dex-Starr, Arkillo, and Sinestro ($49.95)

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[h3_focus_heading]Four Horsemen:[/h3_focus_heading]

  • Outer Space Men – Alpha Phase Wave 6 (Terra Firma & Jack Asteroid)
  • Outer Space Men – Alpha Phase Wave 7 (Horroscope & Ohpromatem)
  • Outer Space Men – Gamma-X
  • Outer Space Men – Colossus Rex

[h3_focus_heading]Retro Outlaw:[/h3_focus_heading]

  • EVELFETT The Galactic Bounty Hunter Stuntman Vinly Figure

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    The closer it gets to the San Diego Comic Con the more you”ll start hearing and seeing about the exciting exclusives to come. One that stands out the most is the Exclusive Black Spiderman Guitar from Peavey. The guitar features the famous symbiot costumed Spiderman drawn by Todd McFarlane! Available at this years SDCC from Crazy Cat Collectibles at their booth #429. The guitar is limited to only 100 pieces worldwide! Musicians of every skill level, from beginner to pro, can become a real guitar hero with these new musical instruments from Peavey. The Rockmaster Guitar is a full-size electric guitar with a high-gloss finish on a basswood body which provides excellent balance and tone. The maple neck and rosewood fretboard enable fast rhythm and lead playing.

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