San Diego Comic Con Exclusives Checklist 2014


Welcome to the 2014 edition of Preternia’s San Diego Comic Convention Exclusives checklist!

As always if there is an exclusive we are missing, please let me know, leave a comment below or email me using that link I just posted!  If you have exclusives or press releases feel free to contact me as well, we accept any and all SDCC exclusives.  Production doesn’t always work out, so these items are always subject to change/cancellation/etc.  We’ll keep the list as updated as possible in case of changes or additions.

Latest update (07.18.2014)


[h3]Table of Contents:[/h3]

Applehead FactoryBlizzardBluefin Tamashii NationsDark Horse
Diamond Select
Entertainment EarthFactory Entertainment
FunkoHallmarkHasbroHuckleberryGentle Giant
Icon HeroesJakks PacificKidrobotMarvel
Sentinel Co.SkyboundSuper7TonnerToppsToynamiToys R UsViz Media
WetaYamato, Inc.

[h3]Applehead Factory:[/h3]

Available to non-convention attendees go to their Facebook page for ordering information.

Teddy Scares – 12″ Edwin Morose w/ Key SDCC Scarf (Limited to 250 — $30)

[h3]Blizzard Entertainment:[/h3]

Booth # 115

Starcraft 2 – ‘Cute But Deadly’ Cloaking Zeratul ($18)
Starcraft 2 – Funko POP! Vinyl Primal Kerrigan ($15)
World of Warcraft
– Nether Faerie Dragon Plush ($35)
Diablo 3
– Whimsyshire Treasure Goblin Plush ($30)

[h3]Bluefin Tamashii Nations:[/h3]

Booth # 3545

S.H. Figuarts – Vegeta Original Anime Colors ($44.99)
S.H. Figuarts – Might Morphin Power Rangers Armored Black Ranger ($44.99)

[h3]Dark Horse:[/h3]

Hellboy – Itty Bitty Hellboy Plush (Limited to 500 — $15)
Mass Effect – Alliance Cruiser Bronze Edition (Limited to 250 — $60)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
– Season 10 #5 Variant Cover Comic (Limited to 1,000 — $5)
Star Wars
– Darth Maul ‘Son of Dathomir’ #1 Variant Cover Comic (Limited to 1,000 — $5)
Captain Midnight – ‘Stolen Future’ Convention Exclusive Slipcase Edition (Limited to 400 — $20)
Hellboy – ‘Hellboy in Hell’ Volume 1 SDCC Hardcover Edition (Limited to 1,200 — $40)
EVE – Source Limited Edition (Limited to 1,400 — $90)
Usagi Yojimbo – SDCC Exclusive Lithograph (Limited to 300 — $20)
Hellboy – Itty Bitty Hellboy SDCC Exclusive Hardcover (Limited to 1,000 — $20)
The Witcher – SDCC Exclusive #1 Variant Cover (Limited to 1,000 — $5)

[h3]Diamond Select:[/h3]

Booth # 2607

Godzilla: Burning Godzilla Vinyl Bust Bank ($30.00)
Walking Dead Minimates: ‘Days Gone Bye’ Black and White Set with Rick, Glenn, Shane, and Zombie ($20.00)
Marvel Minimates: X-Men ‘Days of Futures Past’ Set with Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, Mystique, and Sentinel ($20.00)
Marvel Comics: X-Men ‘Days of Futures Past’ Comic Book with alternate Minimates cover ($3.99)
Sin City Select: Bloody Marv ($25.00)
Star Wars: Spirit of Yoda 1/4 Scale Vinyl Bank ($23.00)
Star Trek: USS Excelsior Battle Damaged Ship ($70.00)
Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back: Cocknocker Retro Action Figure ($20.00)

[h3]Entertainment Earth:[/h3]

Bif Bang Pow!: SNL Ambiguously Gay Duo Monitor Mate Bobble Heads ($11.99)
Big Bang Pow!: Big Bang Theory 3 3/4″ Sheldon (limited to 1,024 $15.00)

[h3]Factory Entertainment:[/h3]

Booth # 2747 – (If you won’t be at the show you can preorder the towel off their website, it will ship in August)

Archer – Beach/Bath towel featuring Dr. Krieger’s virtual anime girlfriend ($20 – limited to 1,000)


Much like last year Funko has an enormous amount of exclusives, 86 to be exact.  If you are attending SDCC Funko is currently offerring a pre-buy option to get all 86 items, total is $1,000 with free shipping to a US address.  If this is something you are interested in check out the pre-sale here.  Funko has released a hint list, which I will put below along with any confirmed items in bold, guesses will be in italics.

Per Funko: The 86 items include 36 Mystery Mini Exclusives, 2 Legacy Collection Exclusives, 8 ReAction Figure Exclusives, 28 Pop! Exclusives including a 6” Pop! Exclusive and 6 Pop! Set Exclusives, 2 Vinyl Figure Exclusives, and 3 Hikari Sofubi Vinyl Figure Exclusives!

Confirmed Items:

1. Spongebob x TMNT POP! – TMNT Spongebob Squarepants and Shredder Plankton in Lunchbox Tin
2. Bloody Hannibal Lecter POP!
3. Case of SDCC Exclusive Disney Mystery Mini’s
4. ReAction Firefly Jayne Cobb with Hat
5. ReAction Firefly Malcolm Reynolds with Coat
6. Star Wars POP! – Luke vs Wampa w/ removable arm
7. Buffy POP! – Battle Damaged Buffy
8. ReAction Predator – Invisible Predator with Green Blood Splatter
9. Flinstones POP! – Fred and Barney in Three Different Colorways
10. Ghostbusters POP! – Slimed Peter with Metallic Slimer
11. Ghostbusters POP! – Entire Team covered in Marshmallow
12. Ghostbusters POP! – Stay Puft 6″ Super Sized Glow in the Dark
13. Ghostbusters POP! – Glow in the Dark Slimer
14. ReAction Rocketeer – Black and White Rocketeer
15. Despicable Me 2 POP! – Purple Dave
16. Despicable Me 2 POP! – Purple Carl
17. Adventure Time POP! – Glow in the Dark Princess Bubblegum
18. Adventure Time POP! – Glow in the Dark BMO
19. Pulp Fiction POP! – Bloody Vincent Vega
20. Pulp Fiction POP! – Bloody Jules
21. Breaking Bad POP! – Glow in the Dark Walter White
22. Breaking Bad POP! – Beat Up Jesse Pinkman
23. Walking Dead POP! – Hershel Greene w/ Removable Head
24. Game of Thrones Legacy – Glow in the Dark White Walker
25. My Little Pony Vinyl – DJ PON-3
26. My Little Pony Vinyl – Spitfire
27.  Sharknado POP! – Bloody Sharknado
28. Game of Thrones Mystery Minis – In Memoriam Black and White Mini Set
29. Game of Thrones POP! – Flocked Ghost the Wolf
30.Thundercats POP! – Flocked Lion-O
31. Thundercats POP! – Glow in the Dark Mumm-Ra
32. Game of Thrones Legacy – Tyrion Lannister w/ Helmet and Scarred Face
33. Nightmare Before Christmas ReAction – Jack Skellington w/ Zero
34. Saw POP! – Glow in the Dark Bloody Billy the Puppet
35. Goonies POP! – Sloth with Superman Shirt
36. Goonies ReAction – Sloth with Superman Shirt


1. These Mystery Minis didn’t fare so well with all the fire and ice! – Most likely Game of Thrones related
2. These Mystery Minis came all the way from the 616 Universe! – Most likely Marvel related
3. These Mystery Minis really are from a small world after all! – Most likely Disney It’s a Small World
4. This Legacy Figure is ready to battle! – Confirmed! Game of Thrones Tyrion Lannister w/ Battle Helmet
5. This Legacy Figure is glowing white! – Most likely a glowing Game of Thrones White Walker
6. This ReAction Figure is on the hunt! SPLATTERED! – Most likely a bloody Predator
7. This black and white ReAction Figure is ready for take off! – Most likely Black and White Rocketeer
8. This captain is coming to you ReAction style!
9. This ReAction Figure will make you scream “BABY RUTH!” – Most likely Goonies Sloth
10. What’s this?! A ReAction Figure and his canine friend!
11. A blood splattered hitman in ReAction style! – Most likely Pulp Fiction Bloody Vincent Vega
12. A chatty blood splattered hitman in ReAction style! – Most likely Pulp Fiction Bloody Jules Winnfield
13. You’ll love this ReAction figures HAT! – Confirmed! Firefly Jane Cobb wearing hat
14. A Direwolf you can actually pet in Pop! Form! – Most likely a flocked Game of Thrones Direwolf
15. This Pop! will make you lose your head!
16. This Pop! will also make you scream “BABY RUTH!” – Crap I chose Sloth for the other … maybe Sloth w/ Superman shirt?
17. These four Pop!’s got a little messy! – Most likely the four Ghostbusters slimed
18. One of these Pop!’s is METALLIC and the other is covered in Ectoplasmic ooze! – Most likely a metallic Ecto-1 w/ someone slimed?
19. This green Pop! now GLOWS! – Most likely glow in the dark Slimer
20. The destructor Pop! has been chosen and this time he glows!
21. One of these Pop!’s is hungry and the other one’s world has been turned upside down! – Most likely a Star Wars Wampa w/ Luke
22. This sorcerer Pop! glows! – Maybe something Magic the Gathering related?
23. This cat Pop! is flocked!
24. These best buds come together in a Prehistoric Pop! Set COLOR #1
25. These best buds come together in a Prehistoric Pop! Set COLOR #2
26. These best buds come together in a Prehistoric Pop! Set COLOR #3
27. Blam! This Pop! is fragging flocked! – Most likely flocked Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Racoon
28. A blood splattered hitman in Pop! form! – Most likely Pulp Fiction Bloody Vincent Vega
29. A chatty blood splattered hitman in Pop! form! – Most likely Pulp Fiction Bloody Jules Winnfield
30. This popular helper Pop! is wearing a disguise!
31. This popular helper Pop! is also wearing a disguise!
32. This princess Pop! GLOWS!
33. This living electronic device does it all- it even glows!
34. Two animated worlds collide to make in a classic mash-up in the first ever Pop! tin box!
35. This bloody glow Pop! wants to a play a game.
36. This Pop! can glow, but he can’t get too warm.
37. We caught this Pop! in the middle of a transformation!
38. Brrr! This Pop! needs to warm up.
39. This bloody Pop! is no stranger to a little blood.
40. This injured Pop! thought that high school was going to be tough… – Most likely something Buffy related
41. This bounty hunter Pop! came from the future! – Most likely something Terminator related
42. This bloody Pop! goes a little crazy for a full moon!
43. This Pop! is the scariest natural disaster of all time and it’s soaked in blood! – Most likely a bloody Sharknado
44. He’s a bloody Pop! and he has a taste for flesh!
45. Yo! This Pop! is bloody, beaten, and bruised!
46. This Pop! is cooking… and he glows!
47. This beast of a Pop! is undead!
48. This acrobatic Vinyl Figure had a dark makeover!
49. This famous DJ also had a dark makeover!
50. This Hikari Sofubi Vinyl Figure is icy!
51. This Hikari Sofubi Vinyl Figure is a fierce vigilante! – Most likely something Batman related
52. This Hikari Vinyl Figure looks tubular! – Most likely something TMNT related


Batman: Arkham City Ornament (Crouched on rooftop)
Star Wars: Velvet flocked Wampa Ornament
Star Wars: Itty Bitty Style Tusken Raider and Bantha ($20)
Marvel Iron Man 3: War Machine Ornament (Repainted Iron Patriot from last year)


GI Joe – “Danger at the Docks” Flint with VAMP MK II vs Cobra Eel with Cobra Night Landing Set
Star Wars – Black Six-Inch Series Jabba the Hutt with Salacious Crumb and Hook (Confirmed)
Marvel Universe – Foam Infinity Gauntlet set with Starfox, Mistress Death, Thanos, and Nebula ($74.99)
Marvel Legends – Thanos Imperitive Set with Comic Star-Lord, Blackbolt, Medusa, Gladiator, and Blastaar ($99.99)
Transformers – ‘Knights of Unicron’ Boxset including Optimus Prime, Megatron, Soundwave, Jazz, Ratbat, and Lazerbeak ($185.00)
Transformers – ‘Age of Extinction’ G1 Dinobot Box Set ($160.00)
Transformers KREON – ‘Class of 1984’ Gift Set ($60.00)


Booth # 3449 — Presale available here.

Batman 1966 – ‘The Delegation of Evil Doers’ Giant 24″ x 40″ Colored Print ($500.00)

[h3]Gentle Giant:[/h3]

Booth # 3513

Star Wars – Jumbo Vintage AT-AT Driver ($80)
Star Wars – Jek Porkins Mini Bust ($85)
Star Wars – Luke Skywalker McQuarrie Concept Mini Bust ($85)
Guardians of the Galaxy – Rocket Raccoon Mini Bust ($70)
Alien – Glow in the Dark Vintage Jumbo Figure ($499)

[h3]Icon Heroes:[/h3]

Booth #3345 — preorders are available at ShopAFX

Masters of the Universe – She-Ra Filmation Sword Letter Opener (Limted to 1,000 — $20)
Star Trek – Original Series Yellow Logo Bookends Set (Limited to 150 — $85)

[h3]Jakks Pacific:[/h3]

Star Wars – 31″ Shadow Stormtrooper ($50.00)


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Bebop Color Variant ($49.99)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Rocksteady Color Variant ($49.99)
Capcom: Megaman – 6″ Red Megaman
Capcom: Megaman – Breakman Protoman Variant


Booth # 2329

Guardians of the Galaxy  – Rocket Raccoon Ravager Variant Plush
Strategic Scientific Reserve  – Women’s T-Shirt


SDCC items will be available on  Pre-order date for show attendees will be June 24th, 2014.  Non show attendees will be able to purchase remaining stock on August 5, 2014.

DC Signature Collection – Doomsday (Containment Suit – $35)
Masters of the Universe Classics – Filmation Hordak with Imp (Extra polybagged special Lockbox Imp available ONLY at show – $30)
Monster High – Manny Taur and Iris Clops 2-Pack ($40)
Batman Arkham Knight – 4″ Scale Arkham Night Batman with Batmobile ($85)
DC Total Heroes – Ultra Cyborg ($25)
Disney-Pixar Cars – Special Edition Neon Racers Gift Pack ($50)
Hot Wheels – The Homer ($30.00)
Hot Wheels – Aston Marton DB5 from Goldfinger ($20.00)


SDCC items are also considerred ‘Summer Items’ and will have preorders available starting June 13 at 1pm EST, go over to their site for preorders.

Breaking Bad – Six-Inch Saul Goodman Red Tie Edition Bobblehead ($20)
Breaking Bad
– ‘All Hail the Cook’ Apron ($25)
Breaking Bad
– Jesse Vamanos Pest Outfit Bobblehead ($20)
Breaking Bad
– Walter White Vamanos Pest Outfit Bobblehead ($20)
Breaking Bad
– Walter White Six-Inch Bandaged Nose Variant Figure ($30)
Living Dead Dolls
– 16th Anniversary White Posey ($40)
Sons of Anarchy – Orange Prison Variant Jax ($30)
Rebel Frankenstein
– ($50)


Booth # 3645

DC Comics – Resin Paperweight Four-Piece Set Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Joker ($100)
DC Comics – Harley Quinn and Joker Resin Bank Set ($50)
Marvel Comics – Hulk PVC Bank Set Grey, Green, and Red ($50)
Marvel Comics – Thanos Resin Bust Bank ($25)
Nightmare Before Christmas – 12 Piece Eraser Set featuring Gold Jack, Silver Sally, and Bronze Zero ($25.00)
Nightmare Before Christmas – 10 Piece Zinc Alloy Lapel Pin Set ($25)
Kingdom Hearts – Sora’s Key Blade and Riku’s Sword Box Set ($20)


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Black and White Original Comic Raphael


Booth # 3249 — Poster bundle will be available direct via site.

Star Wars – Gold Millenium Falcon Metal Replica Key Chain ($14.95)
Firefly – Gold Leaf on the Wind Key Chain/Pendant ($14.95)
DC Comics – DC Bombshells High-Flyers Poster Bundle ($24.95)


Booth # 3145

Nightmare on Elm Street – Retro Style 8″ Super Freddy Figural Doll
Pacific Rim – End Title Jaeger 3-Pack Boxset ($60)
Scalers – DC 2-Pack Black and White Batman and Joker ($10)
Scalers – Marvel 2-Pack Spider-Man and Silver Centurian Iron Man ($10)
Predator – Ahab Predator ($30)

[h3]Sentinel Co.:[/h3]

Metamor-Force – Black Dino Getter (Roughly $150 … 15,000 yen)


Booth # 2729

The Walking Dead – Comic Based Ezekial Action Figure Colored ($25)
The Walking Dead – Comic Based Ezekial Action Figure Black and White ($25)
The Walking Dead – Lucille Vinyl Mini Replica Bat (Limited to 2,500 — $40)
The Walking Dead – PVC Miniatures 2-Packs Jesus, Abraham, or Andrea packed with a Zombie ($10)
The Walking Dead – Ezekial’s Button Down Shirt (Limited to 500 — $40)
Skybound Mini’s – Rick Grimes and Invincible 2-Pack (Limited to 5,000 — $20)
Manifest Destiny – Watch (Limited to 150 — $75)



Booth #4945

Alien ReAction – Alien Egg Chamber Playset (Limited to 250 — $100)
Alien ReAction – Alien Deep Space Mystery Figures ($25)
Pulp Fiction ReAction – ‘Bring Out the Gimp’ Gimp in a Box ($25)
Super7 x Secretbase – Vintage Style  Popy Japanese Alien Figures ($45)
Super7 Vinyl Collection – Fossila ‘Radioactive Puke Edition’ ($95)
Super7 Vinyl Collection – Crystal Mecha ‘Bug Splatter Edition’ ($95)
Super7 Vinyl Collection – Earth Wolf ‘Polluted Edition’ ($95)
Super7 Vinyl Collection – Mummy Boy ‘Adventure Set’ ($65)
Super7 Vinyl Collection – Mongolion ‘Marbled Madness Edition’ ($65)
Super7 Vinyl Collection – Ooze Bat ‘Ooze It Tribute Edition’ ($50)
Super7 Vinyl Collection – Caveman Dinosaur ‘Volcano Fire Edition’ ($35)
Super7 Vinyl Collection – Pie Guy ‘Cookies and Cream Edition’ ($25)
Super7 Vinyl Collection – Miltion ‘Cookies and Cream Edition’ ($25)
Super7 Vinyl Collection – Foster ‘Cookies and Cream Edition’ ($25)
Super7 x Acme Archives – Star Wars ‘Space Vader’ Print ($50)
Super7 x Acme Archives – Star Wars ‘Tauntaun Cuts’ Print ($50)


Booth # 4149

DC Comics – Vintage Wonder Woman (Limited to 100 — $475)
Big Bang Theory – Sheldon Cooper (Limited to 100 — $169)


Booth # 4120

Garbage Pail Kids – Comic Conner T-Shirt ($20)
Garbage Pail Kids – 11×14 Jumbo Garbage Pail Kids Trading Card Print ($10)
Mars Attacks vs Presidential Monsters – Martian Soldier vs Baracula (at Heroes in Action Booth # 3450)


Booth # 3229

Futurama – Glorious Golden Talking Bender ($40)
Hello Kitty x Street Fighter – Chun-Li Vinyl Coin Bank ($40)
Skelanimals – Cute-As-Hell Diego Plush ($20)
Robotech – Chibi Skull Leader VF-1S in Military Gray ($15)
Voltron – 30th Anniversary Gold Edition Voltron ($300)
Batman – 10″ Vinyl UNKL Batman ($200)
Reaper – Bronce Bust signed by Guillermo del Toro ($999.99)

[h3]Toys R Us:[/h3]

Booth # 2343 — will also be available online 7/24/2014

Maleficent – Winged Fairy Meleficent from Jakks ($30)
My Little Pony – Queen Chrysalis from Hasbro ($25)
My Little Pony – Equestra Girls Zecora from Hasbro ($20)
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Legacy Lord Zedd from Bandai ($20)
GI Joe – Danger at the Docks Urban Assault Vehicle 2-Pack from Hasbro ($30)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – TMNT Classics Movie Figures from the 1990 Film from Playmates ($20 each)
Star Wars – Black 6″ Series Cantina Showdown Set featuring Han and Greedo from Hasbro ($40)
Batman – The Joker figurine from Schleich ($10)
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back – Comic Jay and Silent Bob Minimates from Art Asylum ($10)
Minecraft – Creeper Anatomy Vinyl figure from Spin Master ($40)
Transformers – Masterpiece Prowl from Hasbro ($70)
Transformers – Masterpiece Sunstorm from Hasbro ($80)

[h3]Viz Media:[/h3]

Booth # 2813

Gecco: Naruto Uzumaki 1/6 Scale Statue (Wearing 4th Hokage’s famouse coat – $150)

[h3]WETA Workshop:[/h3]

Booth # 3613

The Hobbit – Battle of Five Armies Smaug T-Shirt ($40)

[h3]Yamato USA Inc:[/h3]

Booth # 4934

DC Comics – Fantasy Figure Gallery Catwoman 1/6 Resin Statue ($249)

7 thoughts on “San Diego Comic Con Exclusives Checklist 2014”

  1. Phantom Dusclops'92

    48 and 49 of the Funko list are surely Dark versions of the My Little Pony Spitfire and DJ P0N-3 vinyl figures.

  2. Phantom Dusclops'92

    My other Funko guesses:

    15 – Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland
    30-31 – Despicable Me Minions
    32 – Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time
    33 – B-MO from Adventure Time
    35 – Billy from Saw
    46 – Walter White from Breaking Bad

  3. Here’s a few more confirmed.

    #1– Game of Thrones- “In Memoriam” black & white mystery minis
    #2–Marvel mystery minis
    #9–Reaction Goonies Sloth
    #10–Reaction Jack Skellington & Zero
    #14–Pop! Flocked Dire Wolf Ghost –Game of Thrones
    #16–Pop! Goonies Sloth wearing Superman shirt
    #22–Pop! Thundercats glow in the dark Mumm-Ra
    #23–Pop! Thundercats flocked Lion-O
    #27–Pop! Guardians of the Galaxy flocked Rocket Racoon
    #35–Pop! Saw glow in the dark Billy
    #36–Pop! Frozen Glow in the Dark Olaf
    #37–Pop! Frozen transforming Elsa
    #38–Pop! Frozen Anna (in frozen state)
    #43–Pop! Bloody Sharknado

    Hope this helps!

  4. Also under your Hallmark link, you can add these. They had a release update from Hallmark today.

    “Hallmark is offering a two-pack of itty bittys styled after a Tusken Raider™ and a Bantha™ as seen in Star Wars: A New Hope™. Sales limited to 300 pieces per day as part of a total production run of 2,700 ($20 per pair).”

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