SDCC 2013: NECA Round Up

Here will rest the dedicated page to all things NECA at San Diego Comic Convention 2013.  We’ll gather up the lineups, pictures, and articles we post so you can get it all in one place!  Updates as they come in!


Diablo III (Holiday 2013) – Diablo


Marvel 1/4 Scale – Thor, Battle Damaged Iron Man (with Robert Downey Jr. head)

DC 1/4 Scale – Man of Steel Superman, Adam West Batman, Michael Keaton Batman

BPaukROCYAADuKw.jpg large

Predator Series 11 (Dec 2013) – Dead End “Wasp” Predator, Borg/Lost Predator, Elder Predator

Predator – Heat Vision Dutch, Final Battle Dutch vs Jungle Hunter (TRU Exclusive – Oct 2013)

Predator 1/4 Scale (Aug 2013) – Big Red, Elder

Predator 1/4 Scale (Nov 2013) – Jungle Patrol Dutch


Alien 35th Anniversary Series (2014) – Alien, Jones the Cat

Aliens Series 2 (Oct 2013) – Sgt. Craig Windrex (named after a NECA employee’s brother who is battling stomach cancer)

Aliens – Alien Egg with LED and Facehugger (Sept 2013), Hicks and Hudson Alternate 2-Packs with damaged Aliens (Sept and Oct 2013)

Prometheus Series 3 – Holographic Engineer Chair Suite, Holographic Engineer Pressure Suit


Gremlins Mogwai Series 4 (October 2013) – Three new concept Gremlins

Gremlins Series 3 (TBD) – “WB” Logo Gremlin, Melted Witch Gremlin, Tommy Gun Gremlin, Gretta


Pacific Rim 1/4 Scale (Sept 2013) – Gipsy Danger with sword and lights

Pacific Rim – Leatherback, Battle Damaged Gipsy Danger, Striker Eureka


Team Fortress 2 Series 3 (Nov 2013) – Spy, Engineer

Portal 2 (Sept 2013) – Atlas and P-Body

Portal 2 – New blind boxed Sentry Turrets

Borderlands 2 (TBD) – Gentleman Called Claptrap

Kick Ass 2 Vinyl 3.75″ – Kick Ass, Hit Girl

Kick Ass 2 Series 2 (Nov 2013) – Colonel Stars and Stripes, Armored Kick Ass

Batman Arkham Origins (Oct 2013 – Gamestop Exclusive) – Grapnel Gun Prop Replica

Robocop (Sept 2013) – ED-209 with Sound

The Simpsons – Hugh Hefner, Yao Ming, Kid Rock, James Brown, Tom Hanks.

[h3]Additional pictures and comments by me![/h3]


If you are like me you are starting to wonder if there is just TOO MUCH 1966 Batman stuff out there this year.  That being said the likeness of the 1/4 Scale Adam West Batman is tremendous, just check him out!

We’ll keep updating as stuff comes in!

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