The Walking Dead Minimates Checklist

The Walking Dead Minimates

The Walking Dead Minimates Checklist
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Walking Dead Minimates Exclusives:

  • SDCC Exclusive Rick Grimes and Vacation Zombie – Released 07.12.2012
  • Halloween 2012 Black and White Winter Coat Dale and Female Zombie – Released October 2012
    • Price $8.99
  • Amazon Exclusive Series 2 Four-Pack – Battle Damaged Prison Garb Rick, Michonne, two zombies

The Walking Dead Minimates Series 1: (Release September 2012 – $8.99 Each) [Buy]

  • Rick Grimes and Roamer Zombie
  • Herd Zombie Two-Pack
  • Dale with Roamer Zombie (Specialty Shop)
  • Winter Coat Dale with Roamer Zombie (Specialty Shop Rare Variant)
  • Glenn with Glasses Zombie (Toys “R” Us)
  • Shane with Mohawk Zombie (Toys “R” Us)

The Walking Dead Minimates Series 2: (Release November 2012 – $8.99 Each) [Buy]

  • Michonne and One-Eyed Zombie
  • Sailor Zombie and Cute Zombie
  • Andrea and Stabbed Zombie (Specialty Shop)
  • Amy and Stabbed Zombie (Specialty Shop Rare Variant)
  • Lori and Zombie Mike (Toys “R” Us)
  • Morgan and Zombie Terry (Toys “R” Us)

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twd_s3The Walking Dead Minimates Series 3: (Release May 2013 – $8.99 Each)

  • Riot Gear Rick and Prison Guard Zombie
  • Dexter and Dreadlock Zombie
  • Hershel and Farmer Zombie (Specialty Shop)
  • Tyrese and Farmer Zombie (Specialty Shop Rare Variant)
  • Carol and Pole Zombie (Toys “R” Us)
  • Glenn and Vest Zombie (Toys “R” Us)

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