Wizard World Philadelphia 2012 – The Vendors

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It has always been one of my favorite parts of the comic shows to check out what the vendors are selling.  In the past it has always been rows and rows and Marvel Legends lined up at the various stands.  With the lack of Legends products the past few years that crown is now taken by DC Universe Classics.  Of course there are the various movie figure lines, the statue and Sideshow vendors, and the Buffy toys.  Oh dear there is always one shop that will just have literally every Buffy toy made on display, we found one this year:


I wasn’t looking to spend much this weekend so the $30 – $40 for Masters of the Universe Classics singles kept me away from bolstering my carded figure collection.  It is nice to see the MOTUC line being represented at so many stands though.  The uniformity of the packaging really pays off in making a mass of carded MOTUC look great.  I’ll give Mattel some credit as well it works really well with the DC line too whereas Marvel Legends looks so segmented and awkward after so many style changes.

There are always a healthy selection of T-Shirt vendors.  I was a little bit tempted by some guys that had a booth with Valve themed t-shirts and various paraphernalia.  I have always kind of wanted an Aperture shirt, but at the same time I don’t because I would hate for someone to point it out while I’m wearing it.  I’m kind of a self hater in that regard.


The only thing I did end up picking up was a Scud from the Shocker booth.  Yes I know you aren’t really supposed to do that, but I’ve had a SOL for god knows how long.  Scud was my favorite comic book ever made growing up and to finally have an actual Scud was worth it for twelve dollars.

One trend I had noticed while perusing was that a lot of booths were having their women dress up as comic book characters to attract people.  I never noticed this practice in the past but it was pretty prevalent out there today.  I saw a really well done Phoenix, some Catwomen, a Rogue, Poison Ivy and various other “sexy” characters.

I’m not much a guy for the searching the long boxes of comics for back issues.  But if you are into that there are a ton of cheap comics to be had.  Happy digging this weekend!

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Trip Report: Wizard World Philadelphia Part 1 | 2 | 3

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