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The wait for Demo-Man is over!  This morning a package was left at my door with none other that Demo-Man … the evil master of delays.  This is not the African American Demo-Man from the popular Team Fortress 2 game, this guy is so not black, he is neon green!  So without further DELAY, I present you with December’s monthly figure.

Masters of the Universe Classics – Demo-Man
Release Date: 12/15/2011 (Monthly Subscription)
Price: $20.00
Faction: Evil Warriors
Real Name: Uqquz Zekul-Mshqx

Firstly, I am beginning to think that Toy Guru slammed his face against a keyboard when coming up with Demo-Man’s real name.  It would be great if they included a pronunciation guide with the figures as well.  Unless this is just some giant troll by Mattel because they know we don’t read the bios anyway, and the people that do all hate them.

Demo-Man is here, a month late but what are you going to do?  I can confirm he is still as awesome as he was when revealed.  Coming in with the bright neon green body, Demo-Man has new lower legs, arms, hands, feet, a new loin cloth, a killer sword, and the coveted Alcala Skeletor head!  So ultimately when you buy this figure, you will end up converting a spare Skeletor into the Alcala version because the head is an amazing piece.  I guess you can also do something with that viking skull as well, but it really looks silly on any body.

Demo-Man comes with a red tunic, similar to the one that Preternia Disguise He-Man has.  Personally I find it too bulky and with Demo-Man’s long beard it really restricts movement.  You can remove the tunic but leave the armor as they are two seperate peices.  I think I prefer this look over the covered chest.  The shirt also does not cover the entire upper body so a little bit of Demo-Belly is showing.  Some people might find it sexy, but not I.  I don’t need a little sliver, just show me the whole manly torso there.

Demo-Man sports three heads.  Two of them are functional, one looks stupid on anything you put it on because it’s a half viking skull.  The Alcala Skeletor head will obviously look best on, surprise, a Skeletor body.  And the Demo-Man head will look good on Demo-Man because he’s currently the only neon green character in the line.

One really nice thing about Demo-Man is his tight joints.  Since they made new feet and lower legs for him they kept us in mind and made the joints nice and tight.  Perhaps too tight as I can barely move them out of place … but I almost prefer that over the Skeletor modeling my Alcala head just flopping over unless I get his center of gravity just right.

I could let the HUGE delay of him sour me.  But in a line that is rather expensive and has heavy reuse, this is one of the figure you really feel you got your money’s worth.  The detail along with all the extras is great.  He also gives a new life to that toothless Skeletor you bought for Mo-Larr and didn’t want to display … now you have a good head to stick on him.

Overall Grade: A (A more solid A … this is definitely one of those figures that makes the MOTUC line shine.)

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