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From the beginning, the Star Sisters had the odds stacked against them.  They were a vintage prototype that never made it out, they were from the Princess of Power series, they are REALLY colorful, and they bring out a very strange insecurity in a lot of people.  Often times causing grown men to use terms like “girly poof poof” and “sissy foo foo.”  They are also currently the most expensive Masters of the Universe Classic set yet.  The Star Sisters are something to everyone, so lets take a look at the girls and see what we can sermise.

Masters of the Universe Classics – Star Sisters (Jewelstar, Starla, and Tallstar)
Release Date: 01/17/2012 (Monthly Subscription Beast/Multipack)
Price: $60.00 ($66.00 Non Subscriber)
Faction: Princess of Power
Real Name(s): Jewelstar – Devena, Starla – Gemma, Tallstar – Cassandra

Once you get over the sticker shock of buying your first MOTUC three-pack you will see that the sisters are packed into a rather large window box.  The box is almost as big as the one Tytus was in, and it has a lot of empty space, part of that empty space is filled by Glorybird but the rest is just there.  They probably could have used a smaller box, but I think pictures make it look worse than it really is.  First impression of the girls is there is a lot of color in here.  Their staves also look like jolly ranchers and if I was a wee bit more hungry, I would have at least taken a lick.

This is the first release with the new price hikes for non subscribers, adding an additional two dollars per figure in the pack, coming out at the price of $66 if you did not subscribe.  The sisters were actually supposed to be released in February but since both Sorceress and Fearless Photog got pushed back a month they moved them into January so we got something this month.  They also decided to split the charge for the girls, so you go billed $20 + shipping (for only one figure, so we got a little cut there) the first week and then the additional $40 the week after.  It wasn’t the ideal situation but they  were pretty accomidating with it, and they also communicated it much better than the whole Demo-Man debacle.

The girls all use the new hip which I don’t particularily like because it doesn’t have a ball and can be spun side to side.  Both Starla and Jewelstar really suffer with these new hips because there are no other points of articulation down their legs that can go side to side, so its a little restricting.  Also I have heard people say the new hips also lead to the girls looking like they have “granny panties,” but personally I don’t see it that way because I know they aren’t in their underwear.  It just doesn’t look that bad to me.  I really like all the hair sculpting on the girls … I’m also really glad they didn’t go with the rooted hair they did with 200x She-Ra because this hair will stand the test of time and not get knotted up.

I’ll start with Starla.  She seems to be the most simple of the three, no real gimmick or feature on her.  I mentioned earlier the limited articulation in the legs, that seems to be my biggest gripe with her.  She’s very colorful and weilds the lemon flavored Jolly Rancher staff.  She is also the one girl who does not have the granny panty thing everyone is talking about because she has a skirt.

Next we have Tallstar who, as the name suggests gets taller with a pack of extensions.  There are five extensions, two for the legs, two for the arms, and one for the neck.  It makes her roughly a half inch taller but its noticable, especially when the three of them are together.  Now one thing I kind of wish they had done was make a torso extension as well … I think that would have made her look a little more proportional when extended.  A problem I do have is with the neck extension, it’s already loose without the extension but then throwing the extension on makes it very easy to fall off.  The heavy hair definitely is part of the reason it does this, but you don’t want to scare your other MOTUC figures when Tallstar’s head mysteriously falls off in the middle of battle.  She does sport a whole host of new parts including the torso, shoulder, biceps, knees, and upper legs.  It’s a good idea, but the execution is a little suspect.  However it does beat the old style of skinny extensions built into the figure, those always looked terrible.

Finally we have Jewelstar who has the busiest set up of the bunch.  She’s covered in translecent pink crystals coming out of her back, her head, knees, and her fore arms are made up of the crystals as well.  She has a see-through cape and her body is modified a bit to look boxier.  She weilds the strawberry flavord Jolly Rancher staff.  The pack also comes with pink Zoar, or as they call it “Glorybird.”  It’s just a pink Zoar with an attachment that gives him a mohawk.  Good stuff and well worth making the package bigger to showcase this marvel of toy ingenuity.

So overall the Star Sisters add a nice splash of color to the MOTUC display.  For the enthusiest of unmade prototypes it also knocks out a big set that was never made.  I’m not keen on the pricing scheme they use for multipacks; I always felt the multipack should be there to give the buyer a discount on a bunch of toys.  They really didn’t go out of their way to make the value any better like they did with the Palace Guards.  But in the end I am glad it was a three pack because each of these taking up a single release spot would be dissapointing as well.  It’s a good set, but the price is a bit high in my opinion.

Overall Grade: B-

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