Spy Monkey Armory Series 1: Cold Steel

The Spy Monkey Armory sets are out and you can still order them here.  They are all in stock and look great.  I received my set yesterday and it has been hard to put these baggies of plastic down. The new piecemeal sets make it so you can put together a set of four to five weapons for your six inch scale action figures with one pack.  The sets are $20 each and a couple of dollars for shipping.  There are a total of five sets in different flavors.

Cold Steel

I decided to pick up the Cold Steel set.  I wasn’t really sure what I was getting into when I ordered them so I only picked up one.  I wish I could get more now, but my Matty subscriptions all processed and I think I have spent enough on toys this month.  The Cold Steel set is a good set to start with, it’s straight up gray plastic so all the weapons and parts look like they are made with, well, cold steel.

Cold Steel

When you get the set, the first thing you will see is each of your armory sets will be bagged up with a little Spy Monkey sticker on top.  When you open the bag five of the weapons are partially put together for you: three swords, a hammer, and a shield.  There are additional attachments, handles, and spikes to customize those pre-built weapons to your liking.  The exciting part of these sets though, is that all those weapons are made of little parts that come apart as well.  You are left up to your imagination to create anything you please.  I’d imagine the more sets you get, the more possibilities there are so if you have the cash for it definitely sample a couple color schemes.

Cold Steel

As you can see there are many examples and endless uses for these parts.  While $20 seems like a lot, custom weapons in general were priced at $12 – $15 for single pieces prior to Spy Monkey’s new process.  Now you get yourself a really nice set of weapons with so many possibilities.  There are a lot of little pieces so you do want to keep an eye on them, they tend to roll off tables or drop into air vents in my house.

One of the things I was a little worried about when these were announced was the sockets wearing out due to attaching and pulling apart pieces.  The plastic used is really strong, from playing with these the last two days I have no indication of stretching that would cause problems later on.  These toys are really strong and I feel comfortable piecing them together.

One thing I would like to see in the future is a little more guidance on how to make a decent shield handle.  I have no problem putting anything else together, but the shield handle I made feels a little weak and I would love to see a nice solid example.

Cold Steel

In closing I was very satisfied with my first purchase from Spy Monkey.  They make a great product that really adds to the aesthetic of my Masters of the Universe Classics collection.  The price is a little hard to swallow at first (it’s basically the cost of one MOTUC figure) but I think if you try at least one set out you will feel you got your money’s worth.  If nothing else at least you can feel like a Lego nerd trying to put these things together into all types of creations.

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