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I often find myself wondering how complete my life would be if Nathan Bitner’s creation for the 1986 Masters of the Universe Create-A-Character contest was never made.  Thankfully I can finally put those thoughts to rest as Fearless Photog is now a reality, released into this modern world with better engineering than a Master of the Universe would have had if he had been made in the eighties.

Not only was Nathan a winner but he was also a profit.  He knew the future and realized that his design would not see production until the time was right.  That right time is now.  The Fearless Photog is a symbol of what society has turned in to.  An attention starved society that documents everything and puts it out for public consumption.  When I try to put a personality on Photog, I think of him as very similar to that drug dealer kid who lives next door to Kevin Spacey in American Beauty.  Just sitting around filming stupid shit like plastic bags floating in the breeze, then showing it to his confused girlfriend later on.  Also apparently his name is Jey.

Fearless Photog

Masters of the Universe Classics – Fearless Photog
Release Date: 02/17/2012 (30th Anniversary Subscription)
Price: $20.00
Faction: Heroic Warrior
Real Name: Jey

The first thing I noticed when I got Fearless Photog was that the white mailer boxes have changed.  They are smaller, tighter, and not as thick.  Not only that but they also clamp the package inside, warping it and possibly damaging it when you remove it from the box.  By making a cheaper box they have effectively destroyed the purpose of it altogether, protecting the carded figure inside.  Regardless I open all my figures, so while not a problem for me I’m sure many a carded collector is sad.

Fearless Photog

First thing you notice about the Photog is that he is a colorful dude.  Photog has very clean blue and black paint all down his body, and a huge menacing camera head with a retractable lens.  He has a new crotch piece with a belt made of film reels.  This character really is a throwback to the eighties because these things just don’t exist anymore.  I guess films are still played in a theater through a projector, but since having kids I don’t get to the theater that often to check up on that whole situation.  It’s still an iconic film look so it’s all good.

Back to Photog, you will also notice when you get him out of his plastic home he has a very tight set of joints.  He stands up like a champ so I can trust him closer to the edge of my display.  He also has some new calves!  Exciting news for people who like new MOTUC parts.  He has two accessories, a shield that is similar to a camera shutter, and a camera/gun hybrid thing.  The gun is for situations where he can fire off a quick one-liner about “shooting you” and then actually firing a projectile from his camera.

I’ve decided that giving a grade toe Masters of the Universe figures is not working out for me.  I can’t give them all an A, but then I don’t really find any of them to be “failing” so a D or lower doesn’t look good either.  So I’ll just let the review and pictures tell the story of how I think.

Fearless Photog

The first 30th anniversary figure of six is out.  Next up will be the highly anticipated Draego Man, followed by the Mighty Spector, then Sir Laser Lot, a unnanounced beastly figure (spoiled by the leak of the mini comic, he looks like Beast from the X-Men), and finally the Create-A-Character winner which the Horsemen have begun working on.

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