Marvel Legends 2012 Series 2 – Piledriver Review + Gallery

Marvel Legends are back, better, and more expensive than ever.  The one thing that does not change is the ability to find them.  I have been on the lookout throughout Targets and Toys R Us’ with little luck the past month.  Then finally I stumble upon a restock Friday night of the second series!  I snatch up four of them because at $17.99 the price adds up quickly.  Having never seen the first series, I decide to pass on Hope Summers for the time being since Target charges $14.99 and as luck would have it I saw the first series last night as well at Target.  So Hasbro nipped away at my wallet and now I have a handful of figures to hug and hold!

Marvel Legends 2012 S2 Piledriver

First on my list is the guy I was most looking forward to, Piledriver.  He comes in a package that shows both him and Thunderball, because depending on the case you could get one or the other.  This is that running variant thing they have done since they took over Legends, but I have to admit with the Thunderball/Piledriver figure I really dig the idea because it’s a nice one-two punch in getting that faction closer to completion.  Especially considering Klaw is in the first series, they seem to be determined to finish the wrecking crew.

Marvel Legends 2012 S2 Piledriver

The first thing you will notice about Piledriver is how huge he is.  This is one thing I really dig about Legends in general is the differences in heights.  Until recently they never really used the “buck” system all the much so there is also a pretty large catalog of bodies to use of all shapes and sizes.  So as you can see, Piledriver is the largest of the current two waves just beating out Thor for height.  He even dwarves Arnim Zola, whom will go armless for the time being due to a lack of Wolverine and Fantomex.

Marvel Legends 2012 S2 Piledriver

Piledriver has a very strong presentation due to his size.  His paint is very well done and his articulation is what is to be expected from a Marvel Legend.  They did do some interesting things throughout the wave I had notices.  Mattel’s DCUC line they almost always painted on the belts, it looks like Hasbro is taking a different approach in making the belts a separate sculpted part.  I think this is a pretty smart idea because it gives you more to work with when a character has an interesting or different belt.  The paint washes look to be back as well, Thunderbolt has a lot more painted parts instead of how they used to use colored plastic for the majority of the figure and paint on parts as needed.  The other improvement is the plastic, they feel a lot more sturdy and I don’t have a fear of breaking them.

I can’t say I am a big fan of his accessory.  The wrecking ball is nice, but it is just a static piece and the chain can not be altered.  I almost prefer the ball/mace that came with MOTUC Megator over the one this one has.  I think something with a chain always works better with an actual chain this way you can maneuver it any way you like instead of having the pose dictated to you.

Marvel Legends 2012 S2 Piledriver

The only other nitpick I have with this otherwise fantastic figure is the price.  At $17.99 (by TRU prices) it’s really hard to convince yourself to purchase an entire wave of six to eight figures in one sitting.  Target and Walmart have more reasonable prices ($14.99) but right now it looks like Targets are mostly putting out the first series.  I’ve heard reports of Walmart having the second series but it is such a crapshoot going into those stores … all of mine’s toy sections are terrible.

So Marvel Legends are back.  I was cautious if I was even going to get into them again, but Hasbro really stepped up and delivered a great set of figures.  Piledriver is by far my favorite of the bunch so far, but stay tuned as I have the remaining in the pipeline.  This is a great series of figures and I hope they get more out in the coming year.

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