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There are factions of Masters of the Universe fans that want the Classics line to be strictly vintage, and then there are fans who like the more modern look of the early 2000 toy line.  There has always been a bit of a struggle between the two sides and in general the line has made compromises in both directions.  Fisto is an example of a figure that makes everyone happy.  He’s faithful to both vintage and modern fans alike, and honestly what should be expected of every figure released in the Masters of the Universe Classics line.


Masters of the Universe Classics – Fisto
Release Date: 02/17/2012 (Monthly Subscription Figure)
Price: $20.00 Sub – $22.00 Non Sub
Faction: Heroic Warrior
Real Name: Malcom

I’d be lying if I told you I was not chomping at the bit to get Fisto into my hands.  At the New York Toy Fair when they announced that he and Sorceress would be delayed by three days I was really upset because I knew my wait was that much longer.  But finally after a week and a half wait to get from California to Pennsylvania (I love Newgistics!) Fisto was in my hands.

The first thing you will notice is that the new white mailer boxes are really tight.  This can do a couple things to your carded figure: it can warp the card back or it can cause you to dent the bubble pulling him out.  These are carded issues and I open all my stuff, but I feel for someone who pays twenty dollars and expects their box to be in good shape.  Unless of course you leave all your figures in the mailer box, but then I will just call you weird.


Making a vintage Fisto is very simple using the non-headband head and his purple sword.  You have a complete vintage faithful Fisto.  If you plan to make the modern version: put on his belt, use the alternate head with the headband, and equip that larger than life sword.  Either way looks great.  Both heads are really strong sculpts and probably some of the best work the Four Horsemen have done yet on this line.  Amazing detail was also put into his belt which includes pouches with flasks and books, this is very faithful to the MYP designs.


The one accessory that I am really glad was included was the large sword.  It was originally sculpted for the 200x Fisto but never made the cut.  Having the sword in hand I was surprised by how rigid it is.  The sword is made from very dense material so warping will not be a problem.  It also looks great and has a large amount of decal paint put into it, and finally Fisto has a holster for it sculpted right into his armor.  Like the modern power sword or the upcoming Keldor swords it is great to see these modern weapons making their way into the line.

Another nice little touch is Fisto has a new bicep.  Unfortunately it must have been molded in a non flesh-colored plastic because it is painted.  And you will notice it when you take it out of the package.  The color kind of grows on you but you can definitely see the change in color from the shoulder ball to the bicep and then back to the forearm.  Given a choice between a normal buck’s bicep and this one I would take the new bulkier bicep because it gives Fisto a little extra character.


Thankfully Fisto uses the Vikor ankles as they were nice and tight coming out the box and hold together well.  Hopefully they continue to use these ankles for all heroic warriors that would use the He-Man boot going forward.  I have too many footloose He-Men in my collection.

I can’t say enough good things about Fisto, his little brother “Battle Fist” was a huge favorite of mine in the 200x line and the Classics version sets the bar pretty high.  This is a strong vintage heavy year for Masters of the Universe Classics but the February figure may have claimed the top spot for the year.  Even with all the great releases planned, Fisto is the perfect all around package and shows how great this line can be when they want to commit.


 MOTUC Fisto

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