Marvel Legends 2012 Series 1 – Steve Rogers Review + Gallery

No sooner do I find the return of Marvel Legends series 2, but Target begins stocking the first series.  Having already obtained a Constrictor, I had to find my next favorite character in the wave, Steve Rogers.  It was actually a little bit harder to find Steve, either because he is popular or short packed.  Could be either, but he also has a variant with a see-through shield.



ML Steve Rogers

As we all know Steve is Captain America’s alter ego and this is one of his current costumes as it seems the Marvel Legends brand has been focusing a lot on the more recent storylines.  I think he was a great choice for the first series because he’s a pretty iconic character, part of the Avengers, and just plain looks great.  The translation from comic to action figure went really well for Steve.  He has the prototypical articulation scheme for a Marvel Legends including the double elbow, double knees, and they now have the removable head on a ball, but the ball also has a hinge for additional movement.

There is a lot to love about this figure, the head sculpt is very strong (some would say he looks like John Cena, but I think it has a lot to do with the very defined jaw line) and not as big as I thought it would be from pictures.  It actually fits very well with the rest of the body.  They put a lot of detail into the character as well, sculpted shoulder straps, sculpted belt, leg straps, and newly sculpted shin guards (I assume that’s what they are called.) on his lower legs.  Another nice touch is the hole on the back, which can be used to store his shield or for a flight stand.

ML Steve Rogers

Steve also has a good amount of accessories along with the Terrax waist.  He has two pistols that his hands are sculpted perfectly to hold and his Captain America shield.  I like what they have done with the shield because it has an interchangeable clasp that can hook onto his arm, or a peg that can be inserted into his back for storage.  Both options work very well.  One thing most the other Legends have that he does not is a holster for his guns, but I can’t hold that against him with so much various other detail added already.

ML Steve Rogers

As far as scale Steve is pretty large.  He’s not Thor or Piledriver large but definitely has a head over figures like Extremis Iron Man, Constrictor, or even Heroic Age Captain America from the second series.  As you can see from the picture above he is about the same size as the second series Build-A-Figure Arnim Zola.  I don’t quite have a built Terrax to compare, but he is probably slightly shorter.  I’m always a fan of varying heights in a toy line, it breaks things up in the display and helps me decide who will stand up front.

ML Steve Rogers

In the end, I have been extremely impressed by the first two sets in the return of Marvel Legends.  The plastics have been strong, articulation has been great, the character selection is top-notch, the paint is sharp, and the availability as of last week has been quite good.  Target has their figures at $15 but even then I feel like the prices are getting too high for a retail line (yes I am aware I buy multiple $20 He-Man figures each month) and it does get tougher and tougher to budget.  The good news is there probably won’t be another wave until late this year so I have time to save up for the next large blow to my wallet.  I really hope that Hasbro keeps up the great work with Marvel Legends, this return has been a return to its prior glory … not a half-assed attempt to continue the line.

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