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I can’t think of a better way they could have ushered in the announcement of obtaining the Filmation rights for MOTUC than to have the first release be Shadow Weaver.  I’m not sure what the draw is with her, but at least with me she has a very menacing look about her.  The other part being she looks so different than everything else, there is no buck in the line that can cover her body so it’s a brand new look to the display.

MOTUC Shadow Weaver

Masters of the Universe Classics – Shadow Weaver
Release Date: 02/15/2012 (Subscription Exclusive Figure)
Price: $20.00
Faction: Horde
Real Name: Beatrix

The past couple years I have been pretty ho-hum towards the subscription exclusive figures, never actually obtaining Wun-Dar and then getting a really cheap Preternia Disguise He-Man after interest in him had died down.  With the announcement that Shadow Weaver would be the subscription exclusive this year (coupled with the price increase and smaller production runs) I didn’t hesitate to jump on the subscription this year.  In an already stellar year of big releases, she was almost like the cherry on top of the milkshake … maybe just one figure in the year, but a sweet spot that completes the whole package.

MOTUC Shadow Weaver

Shadow Weaver is pretty much 100% new tooling.  You will notice she does not have legs and there really was not point in attempting to add them under her dress because instead the bottom has a peg for her included flight base.  I guess the clear plastic base would be a “flight” base as it helps keep her levitated … levitation base works as well.  So the base is how we accomplish the floating effect on a figure whom in the cartoon floats.  So from the feet up, the first point of articulation we have is the waist which basically rocks back and forth.  It comes in very useful if you want to have Fisto punch her in the stomach as illustrated:


Her cloak being able to open up as her arms raise is accomplished by wrapping the it around both her biceps.  It’s made of fairly soft rubber that I’d imagine in time could start to break down, but I think that is just me being paranoid after countless other toys deteriorating in time.  I like the way it functions though, it’s a lot less invasive than the Sorceress wings.  Shadow Weaver also has sculpted flaps on her forearms as well.


Besides the flight/levitation stand Shadow Weaver also comes with a book and a pimp-cane.  The book is very similar to Orko’s, fully sculpted and painted and fits fairly well into her more open hand.  Her other hand holds her wand if you so choose.  I think it is fair to request an accessory for every hand and Shadow Weaver delivers in that department.

MOTUC Shadow Weaver

I think a fair gripe people might have with Shadow Weaver is that you had to get a subscription to get her.  There may be a fear that this trend will continue and eventually you will be forced to subscribe for a year to get Ram-Man, but no worries it has been mentioned by Toy Guru that the exclusives will be going back to obscure variants like Wun-Dar and Preternia Disguise He-Man.  If there was ever a year to subscribe, this certainly was the one with so many vintage heavy hitters and the ability to avoid the price increase.

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