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I realize that releasing a Sorceress review almost two months late is not really breaking news.  Nor is it probably going to convince anyone to log into and order her.  I did want to get her done earlier but I had a lot of issues trying to figure out how I felt about her.  I love each and every MOTUC figure as my own child, but in a month where two of my most wanted figures ever came out she just kind of fell by the wayside.  I could not drum up the motivation to put my thoughts about her into words … so while it took a while, here she is because my ADD will not allow me to leave that blank spot on the site.

MOTUC Sorceress

Masters of the Universe Classics – Sorceress
Release Date: 02/17/2012 (Monthly Subscription Figure)
Price: $20.00 Sub – $22.00 Non Sub
Faction: Heroic Guardian of Castle Greyskull
Real Name: Teela’Na

It seems weird that I would have such an issue with an as highly anticipated figure as the Sorceress, and the problem is actually putting a finger on my issue with her.  My biggest problem with her is she is just kind of there.  Similar to Queen Marleena, she is iconic and a really well done figure but nothing really excites me about her like Fisto or even Shadow Weaver did when they all came in.

MOTUC Sorceress

With my pessimism out of the way, she really is a good-looking toy.  She is extremely Filmation/comic/toy accurate except in this go around they decided to line the lower half of her feathers in blue.  I’m not sure why they came to that decision as she has always had flat orange feathers.  However I think aesthetically its an improvement and makes the wings look more like wings than just a plastic attachment on her back.

MOTUC Sorceress

While I do like the color work they did on the wings, I do have an issue with how the implemented them.  We saw back in 2011 when Toy Guru made the video showing the “action feature” where when you raise her arms the wings fall into place.  The final product does do this and it has its merits however you kind of think to yourself if they had forgone the action feature could the wings have been implemented different?  And that is a tough thing to ponder because while I hate having the limited movement in the arms, I also would not want a huge backpack holding her wings on.

I think most people would pose Sorceress with her arms up or holding her staff so the shoulder pegs are probably not a huge deal to most people.  I feel like there should be a better way to implement it, but for the life of me I can’t figure it out.  The more I move her around though the less the big bars bother me.  I instead find another feature that starts to get to me instead … the new hips!  I know the new hips were made because so many people complained that She-Ra could not ride a Battle Cat or Swiftwind.  I always found it was the hard plastic around her skirt that kept her from getting on, but instead new hips that move out further were made.  I prefer the freedom of having the ball joint where the leg meets the hip, it would give me a little more freedom in positioning.

With Sorceress the new hips aren’t the biggest deal in the world either because she isn’t going to be riding around on any steeds.  However giving her a throne to sit on would be nice, but we would have to remove the feathers attached to her back.

MOTUC Sorceress

Anyway enough bitching from me.  The Sorceress’ paint applications are terrific and as I said before the creative liberty they took with the wings really pays off on this figure.  There is a really nice wash on the textured ends of the feathers in her dress and also on her headdress.  Her facial details are very sharp like all women have been in the MOTUC line.

She comes with her staff and another Zoar.  I’m beginning to think there may be some type of in-joke over at Mattel over how many times they are going to reuse that mold.  I await the weapons pak that includes 6 redecos of Zoar, and will laugh profusely at it … then buy it, and Mattel will laugh at me.

MOTUC Sorceress

I’ve seen some people were upset that her headdress was too far up on her head, it doesn’t really seem that bad to me.  Surprisingly, it was quite easy to pull her headdress off if you want to fix it up to your liking, or just stick it on another character altogether.  I have to admit I had a lot of fun putting her headdress on other characters and trying on different helmets/hair on her.  I think He-Man’s hair is the best look for Ms. Sorceress.

MOTUC Sorceress

I think had Sorceress come out earlier I would have received her a lot better.  She is not a bad figure by any stretch of the imagination … she is quite good and looks great.  I think this year has just set the bar so high that it is really hard to look at every release objectively when I am so looking forward to next month every single month.

MOTUC Sorceress

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