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New Adventures, one of the shittier toy brands back in the day … but somehow one of the coolest factions in the Masters of the Universe Classics line.  Does it make sense?  Well it kind of does because the “out there” designs underline the bad toys that were originally made.  So when the Four Horsemen get to re-imagine something from this era for MOTUC, it generally turns out pretty good.  So far the classics line is three for three in the New Adventures category with Optikk, Icarius, and now Slush Head.


Masters of the Universe Classics – Slush Head
Release Date: 05/15/2012 (Monthly Subscription Figure)
Price: $20.00 Sub – $22.00 Non Sub
Faction: Space Mutants
Real Name: Kalamarr


MOTUC Slush Head is the first figure in the series to not have a removable head.  His head comes in a dome that is fastened into the armor, making him unable to even move his head side to side.  The funny thing is it was claimed this was to keep water from leaking out, however it is easy enough to break these plastic tabs and free his dome to move without hurting his ability to hold water.  So as you can see in this review I went ahead and did this to get some better poses from the big lug.  You can also check out my video detailing the process:

Slush Head also has a pair of tentacles that plug into sections on either side of his armor.  They aren’t labeled, but you can see the tentacle will have a similar looking cut for its particular hole it plugs into the armor.  Push hard when inserting the tentacle because it takes a good amount of force to get it in there tight.  Once in there the tentacles will move a little bit back and forth at the connector, but they aren’t bendy or anything so they will look as they come in the box.


His armor is actually really detailed and has a full range of paint applications.  One thing I would probably be concerned with is the pin that holds his armor into place is a bit flimsy and even after taking the armor off a couple times, I am hesitant to do it much more as it could tear off.  From the waist down he is basically Icarius with Whiplash upper legs, new paint, and Skeletor feet.

Of course the big exciting “action feature” is one I am still hesitant to do: fill his dome with water.  The box even says “it’s fun” but I have this fear that one day a year from now I’ll come home and see Slush Head’s paint all corroded away into the water.  Also it’s not terribly hard to pull that pin out of the back of his head so I could easily end up with an epic water spill.  It’s a little silly that I was so willing to go in and break his tabs to give him dome articulation, but I can’t bring myself to do something he was made to do.


Baron von Slush is a great addition to the Space Mutants faction that has been so empty all these years.  Where it seems like so long since we got Optikk, it is amazing to see how much the line has matured since his release.  Not only that but it just hit me this month we have to be beating the count of 200x figures released at this point … this collection is soon to become the most complete Masters of the Universe line ever.  I find that pretty exciting, and it really gets me pumped for the SDCC reveals this year.  I can’t wait to see what they make to bait us into the new subscription.

So you are telling me you want an extra Slush Head to do the modification?  Well good news for you as Amazon has them currently for less than $30 plus free shipping.  That is pretty much the price you would pay at Matty shipped, but it will probably get to you faster!

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