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Yes it’s already June 2 and I still didn’t have any of the May MOTUC figures up for review yet.  I do apologize, but the combination of a so-called “Time Agent” delaying my order plus the usual Newgistics fuckery caused me to get them in yesterday.  However, I will not hold it against them because I got three new figures for my Masters of the Universe … universe and they all look incredible!  So feel free to read on and hear about the grand master of stink, Stinkor.

MOTUC Stinkor

Masters of the Universe Classics – Stinkor
Release Date: 05/15/2012 (Monthly Subscription Figure)
Price: $20.00 ($22.00 non sub)
Faction: Evil Master of Odors
Real Name: Odiphus

MOTUC Stinkor

First, yes he does “stink,” not in the bad way but he just has a smell I get a whiff of ever so often sitting at my desk.  Mattel added patchouli to the plastic, or something like that to attain the famous stench.  It definitely smells, which is a cool throwback to the original figure.

Like Fisto earlier this year, Stinkor comes with parts to make both vintage and modern (or 200x) versions.  They seem especially inclined to do this with characters whose heads are basically repaints of a previous character, and the original Stinkor if I recall correctly was 100% reused parts.  So the repainted Mer-Man head is included, but they also made a more modern skunk looking head that is very similar to the 200x staction’s.

MOTUC Stinkor

Other modern accessories include the backpack with air-tanks, a gas mask, gun, and some type of air valve that plugs into his armor.  His shield was included with the vintage figure I believe, but it makes an appearance as well.  I guess at some point they ran out of money on this figure’s budget as the accessories which are cast in blue have no wash or detail at all on them.  The prototype for Stinkor did have detail on the accessories … the curse of rising toy costs.

MOTUC Stinkor

There was another big change made between prototype to finished product.  The fellas over at Mattel thought that a heavy reuse figure like Stinkor needed something to make it “pop,” so they reversed the forearms.  This revelation caused quite a stir leading up to the release with many believing this was either the dumbest decision ever, or a lie to cover up another reversed part mistake.  From certain angles I have to agree it does look really bad.  Having him in hand was another story though, it really isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Past the whole arm problems and lack of detail in the accessories he really is a great figure.  Paint is very well done on the rest of him, his armor has detail and wash.  Whoever thought he needed more “pop” didn’t consider how great the orange and black pop for the figure.  The armor gives you the option to use either the vintage inspired red dot or the pressure valve on the section right in front of his face.  His gas mask also snaps onto his face surprisingly tight for not having any real hitches on the face and head.

MOTUC Stinkor

The original Mer-Man head is my least favorite thing in the world.  I dislike it on Mer-Man, so I replaced it with the comic/modern version packed with him.  I also dislike it on Stinkor, not as much though because from certain angles it really doesn’t look too bad.  I know it has a special place though in a lot of people’s hearts so I let it go, but I do find myself silently judging people whose houses I enter and see a Mer-Man Stinkor head on display.

MOTUC Stinkor

So in closing I need to ask myself the important question: Is Stinkor figure of the year?  Let me list the pros and cons:


  • Comes with both vintage and modern parts.
  • Joints are tight.
  • Smells.
  • Paves the way for Mekaneck. (Which we found out this month is coming in October!)
  • Cost $20 in my subscription.


  • Accessories are cast in blue plastic with no paint at all.
  • Forearms are reversed.
  • Hordak feet would have been pretty cool for the modern feel.
  • Cost $22 for non subscription.

The pros definitely outweigh the cons.  However I don’t know if I will be able to pick an actual “FIGURE OF THE YEAR!” this year as the offerings have been so good and really vintage heavy.  The vintage line selection is where my heart is, it brings me back to the days my mom would help me collect my He-Man toys as a young lad.  Every one of these main characters brings me a little closer to reliving my childhood in some kind of sick twisted Benjamin Button type way.

So you want a Stinkor now?  Well it is too late my friend as Mattycollector sold out so quick that I could not even order my second one.  However, do not fret as you have options: Amazon has him at around $35 with some fine Super Saver Shipping action!  You can also take your chances on eBay.  Whatever you do though, know that the choice is yours and yours alone (to quote a wise talking temple).

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