Hot Toys: Dark Knight Rises The Bat

Well prepare to take out a second mortgage, or if you are a Hot Toys regular take out your third or fourth mortgage at this point.  Hot Toys has released a few shots of the new The Bat vehicle in 1/6 scale … yes, that means that this will fully cockpit your 12″ Dark Knight Rises figures.  Seriously it is that big!  With this announcement also comes the mention that the Batman piloting The Bat is the most movie accurate DX Batman to date.  That’s saying a lot considering all the Batmen we have gotten thus far from them.

I can’t imagine The Bat costing less than $500 … probably more around $700 since the Batmobile was about $450.  Yeah that’s a lot of cash, but if you have to have it I’m sure Sideshow will offer flexpay to take the sting off a little.  I’m sure we will be seeing some nice shots of this next week as SDCC, so stay tuned for more expensive toys you HAVE to have.

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