Tamashii Nations SDCC 2023 Dragon Ball S.H.Figuarts Exclusives

SDCC 2023: Tamashii Nations Bandai S.H.Figuarts Dragon Ball Exclusives

The Tamashii Nations S.H.Figuarts Dragon Ball exclusives have become a long running tradition for a number of annual conventions, but Bandai always does a little extra for San Diego Comic Con. This year is no exception with three new exclusive sets: Super Saiyan Son Goku & Super Saiyan 2 Son Gohan 2-pack, Raditz & Son Gohan Kid 2-pack, and Majin Vegeta.

First off, let’s get the important details out of the way:

I’m going to SDCC, how can I get these great exclusives?

Lines are a way of life at San Diego Comic Con and if you want to buy these exclusives you’ll need to hit two lines. First you need to head to the Dragon Ball Special Exhibition taking place at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Terrace. There are all kinds of events, displays, and giveaways going on at the exhibition but for exclusive buying purposes you will want to head to the activation booth to get a reservation ticket. You are not required to have an SDCC badge to attend the event at the Marriott, but will need one to obtain a reservation ticket. Once you have a ticket, it will allow you a time slot to go to the Tamashii Nations Booth # 3329 at the actual convention and purchase your exclusives.

Complete details on the Dragon Ball Special Exhibition at the Marriott can be found here.

I will not be attending SDCC, can I still get these?

Yes! Tamashii Nations has confirmed that the show exclusives will be sold in limited quantities as a preorder on P-Bandai at a later date. They will also be offered at the Tamashii Nations store in New York. No exact timetable has been given yet.


I wasn’t expecting to like this set as much as I did. The sharp detailing on the facial portraits and the pearlescent hair bring a vibe and attitude I’m very in to. The aura effect with the attachable lightning bolts doesn’t get used very often but it works really well with this Vegeta. I like all three sets but this one may be my favorite of the bunch. Maybe I’m just a big Vegeta fan? Probably that too.


This Gohan mold was already a really fun one but the new color palette, cross-hatched battle damage, and translucent hair really makes this one pop. Like Vegeta, this figure just oozes attitude. I know he doesn’t hold the energy effect like that but I really wanted to do a “haduken” pose and Gohan pulls it off great. Ghost Goku did a really nice job with the translucent plastic, it was fun trying to shine some light through it to see if I could get a nice “glow” effect going.


First off, yes, Raditz’s scouter is missing. I must have lost it opening him up and for life of me I can’t locate it. It made one hell of an escape! Raditz is different from the original release, the sculpt and accessories look to be the same but his color palette is substantially lighter this time around whereas the original was a very dark shade of brown. The big draw of this set, of course, is the kid Gohan. While not a fully posable figure, Gohan does have articulation at the neck, ponytail, wrists, and tail. He also has a facial expression swap. While it would always be nice to get a fully articulated child, he is positioned perfectly to slam into Raditz’s chest. A figure/flight stand is included as well to assist in your flying child posing.

A sincere thank you to the folks at Tamashii Nations for allowing me to share an early look at these exclusives with you. I don’t often have a chance to get the camera out these days so it’s been refreshing to be able to set up a photo shoot and play around with these action figures. Really a fantastic crop of Dragon Ball exclusives this year and hopefully everybody who wants them is able to obtain them one way or another.

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