Super7 ThunderCats Ultimates Cheetara & Monkian (Toy Versions) Review

The run hasn’t always been perfect, but I think it’s reasonable to say that no modern day company has given the ThunderCats property a more fair shake than Super7. We’re currently seeing the release of the sixth wave along with a gigantic ThunderTank that would be the centerpiece of any collection, and on top of that Super7 has solicited three additional waves for preorder. I’d say things are going well for ThunderCats collectors. Monkian and Cheetara are part of this “toy homage” wave which also includes Lion-O and Mumm-Ra. Expect really bright colors and wacky new heads, as Super7 attempts to replicate the magic of the vintage line.

Monkian (Toy Colors)

I’d consider the original Ultimates Monkian one of the top three figures in the entire line. He won’t ever take number one because Slithe is the best ThunderCat. Regardless of where he ranks, though, I was excited to take a look at this mold again.

Whereas the standard Monkian had a helmet permanently attached to his head, the toy version allows you to remove it. I’m not entirely sure if that is better or not because I haven’t really found a great way to put it on so that it looks flush. Nevertheless he makes a pretty nice ape person without the helmet. The toy colorway for his hair is great because it looks like he has cupcake icing dabbed on his shoulders. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not, this is a vintage toy homage so the camp is appreciated.

As of publication Monkian is in stock at Entertainment Earth, if you follow my provided affiliate link you’ll also get 10% off and free shipping which would bring the figure down to $49.49.

Cheetara (Toy Colors)

Like Monkian, Cheetara is a recolor of the normal version with two all new heads. This is one I wasn’t entirely sold on originally. The head sculpt showcased in the renders used to solicit the line weren’t moving the needle for me. However, having her in hand I feel like that sculpt hits different with those bright, bright colors. I actually really enjoy this figure, maybe even more than the standard Cheetara.

The only place you really take a hit here, as well as with Monkian, is the accessory count which is pretty minimal compared to the mainline release.

Cheetara is currently in stock at Entertainment Earth, using my affiliate link you can save 10% and get free shipping on your order which brings her price to $49.49. If standard colors Cheetara is more your style Entertainment Earth also has that available.

These sets aren’t going to be for everybody. But I think that’s perfectly fine, this can be a reprieve wave for some. I think that hardcore ThunderCats fans will be really into these while collectors that are less invested can pass without feeling like there is a hole in their collection. I will say, however, originally I wasn’t going to get this wave, but after handling Monkian and Cheetara I went back and placed preorders for Lion-O and Mumm-Ra. I’m a sucker for bright colors and this wave definitely brings that.

Big thanks to Entertainment Earth who provided me with these figures for review.

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