Funko Pop X-Men Jumbo Sentinel Review

Funko Pop X-Men Jumbo Sentinel Review

I’m always looking for a new Sentinel to add to the collection. I love them in all shapes and sizes, they always seem to work anyway since these things are always changing and evolving. That’s why this one interested me so much, a ten-inch tall Sentinel with a gigantic head to terrorize my X-Men? Sounds great!

Thankfully the folks at Entertainment Earth understood my primal needs for Sentinel toys and sent me an early copy to take a look at. If you find this quick review helpful you can still preorder the figure here. They are expected to start shipping in February, so you don’t have too long of a wait! There is also the random chance you end up with the chase version which has a black light deco scheme. The one I received is the standard paints, which really is what I prefer anyway.

Go ahead and take a look at the shots I got of the figure. As I mentioned before he’s about 10″ tall with a gigantic classic Sentinel head. He balances great with no issues standing him up. The figure also comes with a tiny little Wolverine (much smaller than standard Funko Pops). The only disappointment I had here was realizing that the Marvel Pops are bobble heads so its a lot harder to remove the head. I understand this complaint is applicable to pretty much only me, but I did have aspirations of having fun Sentinel head swap time. Either way, it’s a really fun figure and makes a great addition to my Sentinel collection.

Before you go, the Sentinel can be preordered at Entertainment Earth for a cool $45.99 (use code FREESHIP39 at checkout for free shipping). Also don’t forget to follow me on twitter or join our discord so you never miss a deal or preorder!

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