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When Horde Prime was first announced I was not exactly up to date on his back story or who he was at all.  I only thought, “hey this guy is all in black and red, is part of the Horde, and probably has a Hordak-like face so he should be a cool figure.”  While I was correct on all of those accounts I have come to find that Horde Prime is also the intergalactic ruler of the Horde.  So this must mean that the Horde is not just restricted to Eternia, but they are probably similar to Xenomorphs in that they ruin shit all over the galaxy.

One thing that I really like about Horde Prime is that he is part of the Prime family.  The Prime’s used to live down the street from me, and even though they were a quiet bunch, inevitably their kids would end up ruling something.  Much like his older brother Optimus who rules over the Autobots, Horde Prime is the rightful king of the intergalactic Horde chapter.  Horde prime can also attach things to his arms such as his included crossbow, a trident, spinning Hordak balls, really anything.  The only disappointment is that Horde Prime can’t turn into a car and roll out.

MOTUC Horde Prime Carded

Masters of the Universe Classics – Horde Prime
Release Date: 06/15/2012 (Monthly Subscription)
Price: $20.00 ($22.00 non sub)
Faction: Horde
Real Name: Annilis Kur

MOTUC Horde Prime - Custom Bone Colored Head
The Kevin Kosse repaint!

They held out a mystery as to what Horde Prime’s true face would look like.  Much like everything in life, it eventually got spoiled by an eBay prototype.  But you could still guess he looked something like Hordak from what we saw.  He is much longer in the face than Hordak is, much like he is an elder Hordak-person.  Unlike Hordak he has a red and black face and not a bone colored one.  A bone colored face wouldn’t work out with the hat anyway because the ears stick out.  However I have seen some customs people have done and a bone color would look really good on its own.

MOTUC Horde Prime - UK Comic Head
I love the Filmation/UK Comic Head … I won’t apologize for it.

But enough about the secret head, it’s all about the Filmation or UK Comic head … whatever it is.  This is the head I prefer to display him in.  Well actually I cheated because I bought two so I could have both, and give one of them double crossbow arms!  You may think he doesn’t look menacing with his filmation inspired head, but I disagree.  I see a lot more evil in that head.

So Horde Prime is a big hulking figure, sure not Ram-Man big, but he has a lot of plastic.  He’s also made of several pieces that can come off or on depending on how you feel that day.  He has his giant removable cape, a slightly different than Hordak’s hood, and the mask to go over-top the red and black face.  The mask locks into Horde Prime’s forehead spikes.  The rest you can figure out how to put together, it isn’t rocket science.

MOTUC Horde Prime - Helmetless
The face only a red and black mother could love!

If you would like a little Horde Prime trivia, he was originally supposed to be the club exclusive for the year.  However when Mattel got the rights to do Filmation they rushed out a Shadow Weaver and that took his place.  Shadow Weaver still remains the only non He-Man sub exclusive variant … and even that is debatable.  Who knows what Adam might have done in his spare time when he wasn’t napping or being He-Man?

MOTUC Horde Prime - No Cloak

Unfortunately Horde Prime fell under the “didn’t cost out” catagory a lot of figures have come into lately.  Mattel has decided that $20 is no longer enough for us to get all those nice weapons and paint details.  So they took them all away to punish us for buying their toys at the price they set.  Horde Prime does not come with his staff, and a lot of the silver and other small paint details are missing on his armor.  The staff will be available in a future “Great Confict” weapons pak, so at least you have that.

Regardless of the corners cut, he’s still an amazing figure.  I never thought I would need a Horde Prime, or for that matter knew he existed.  But he is kind of like Aladdin, a diamond in the rough.  Just rocking the galactic Horde empire, minding his own business unbeknownst to me at all.  Now I know him and love him.  I need to make a new display for my MOTUC figures goign forward though, this month took up the last of my space.  Now Griffin and my Horde Primes are running free around the house.

Where can you get the Horde Prime at these days?  You can pick him up for a solid price on Amazon.  If not there I would suggest eBay as every MOTUC figure sells out in a few days from their actual site.  Like Horde Prime always says, “It’s Prime Time to pick up Horde Prime!”

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