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Thinking back, I don’t believe I ever owned a Spikor even though I had a pretty sizable Masters of the Universe collection. Despite never actually owning Spikor, I was always thinking about him. I could never figure out if I made him up in my head or if he was a real toy. I mostly thought this because back then there weren’t such things as the internet, and Encyclopedia Britannica did not have a sections on Masters of the Universe (no wonder they went out of business). He followed the MOTU archetype of trait plus “or” or “man” as their name so it made sense. As time passed I eventually forgot about two things: Spikor and Dre. While Dre came back in 1999 to remind me where he was, Spikor did not until over a decade later.


Masters of the Universe Classics – Spikor
Release Date: 07/16/2012 (Monthly Subscription)
Price: $20.00 ($22.00 non sub)
Faction: Evil Warriors
Real Name: Kleffton

Panthor, you will be my new steed because we match!

It was a life affirming moment when Spikor finally arrived. First I was glad to know my younger self was mostly not crazy, and probably saw him on a card back or something like that. And second I had my monthly fix of MOTUC. It will be a real shame when eventually the line goes to less than a figure every month because there is nothing better than getting a new He-Man toy every month. I’m not here to preach about the future, we have a year and a half of strong MOTUC offerings so I’ll enjoy them for now.


So on the subject os Spikor, he is all I could have wanted from a purple spiky guy. The first thing you will notice about Spikor is his big purple, dare I say, Muppet looking head. I think it works for him. I also think that since there was not a 200x Spikor ancestor, people didn’t flip their lids as there was a lack of comparison. The one thing you do have to watch out for with Spikor is the wonky eyes. Mine personally came out fine, but I have seen some strange pupil configurations varying from cross-eyed to cocaine overdose. It is a bit odd that both Spikor and TMNT Classics both came out around the same time and have the same issues.

Are you a bad enough dude to provide transportation for Spikor?

Spikor in his quest to be vintage accurate is very heavy on the reuse. He’s a typical He-Man buck painted purple with a new head, armor, and left hand. The left hand is the important part because that is where they needed to do their ‘Classics’ magic of turning an action feature into something that looks good. The vintage Spikor had a telescoping trident arm. I’m guessing he used it to catch fish or turn over logs in a fire. Whatever the reason for it they were not going to put a telescoping trident on a MOTUC figure. So like Mekaneck this is achieved through various sized trident parts.

Oh the pain … and shame …

A nice little touch they did give Spikor is that he comes with an extra normal left hand, something the vintage toy can not claim to have done. This gives you that flexibility to do something other than have a permanent trident arm on him. Don’t get me wrong, having a trident on your arm would be fantastic for like a week. Anything longer than that and it would just get annoying. People would always be bugging you to flip steaks or scratch their back.

Spikor also comes with a large orange club that was made at the same floppy weapon factory as Man-At-Arms’ mace. It may be floppy, but at least it has paint detail unlike a certain other member of the “Or” family.  His club oddly enough has spikes on it, and it would fit perfectly with his motif if it wasn’t bright neon orange.  One thing Universe Masters have problems with is that their weaponry is almost always crazy bright neon colors.  Spikor could probably sneak up on you in a swamp at night if he wasn’t wielding the hunting jacket colored mace.  Does he really need the mace anyway?  All he would have to do is give you a hug and it’s all over.  Spikor is a tragic villain similar to X-Men’s Rogue in that he can never physically love another person or thing without killing it.


So let’s get to the spikes because we hear a lot about safety standards when something like a soft Catra hand comes about.  Meanwhile if I close my fist around his armor it hurts like hell!  However if I rub them into my back after a hard day’s work I get a great massage.  I’m glad the spikes are actually kind of pointy and not soft like a giant purple Koosh Ball.  Plus toy companies have a thing where when they use soft rubber it is generally of the quality that decays in time.  I have a wonderful cave troll who looks like he saw what was in the ark to prove that theory.

Besides spikes impaling your children the only other thing to look out for is the paint.  For some reason the last couple MOTUC releases have been molded in dark plastic and painted.  For Vykron it kind of sucked due to the flesh tones, but for Spikor it’s not nearly as bad because the dark almost complements the purple.  You can get a little chipping of the paint and hardly notice as it just blends with his skin color.


How does Spikor fit in to our Universe of Masters thus far?  He fits in well in my opinion.  He adds another nice color tone to the display and a pretty wacky look.  Put him, Whiplash, and Clawful together and you have a rainbow of evil muppet faces.  Spikor turned out really well, even better than the prototype reveal.  He comes in at a good time too, as this is the calm before the storm.  I get to appreciate him more because he was the only figure that came in this month.  I will be spending very little on MOTUC now because after August Matty is going to rape our faces and wallets with stacked months.  While it is great to have so many toys coming at once it is also going to suck to have to pay around $100 a month for the rest of the year.  What that has to do with my final thoughts on Spikor?  Not much, but he’s just a cool looking figure and another vintage character to cross off the list.

Spikor is available on Amazon, and I highly suggest you grab him there.

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