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The all-important SDCC exclusive is kind of like the cherry on top of the sundae that is a toy line’s year.  Mattel has used SDCC in the past to add some pretty important characters to the line: Prince Adam, Orko, Queen Marlena, He-Ro, and King Grayskull.  They have also put out some pretty strange ones like the Mo-Larr and Skeletor box set.  Vykron walks the fine line between both, he’s by no means essential but on the other hand he is basically a figure of the original He-Man prototype.  I’ve said in the past, I think he is a really cool idea and a perfect SDCC exclusive.  I finally have him in hand now and playing dress up with He-Man’s descendent has never been more fun.

MOTUC SDCC Exclusive Vykron

Masters of the Universe Classics – Vykron
Release Date: 07/15/2012 (Non-sub San Diego Comic Con Exclusive)
Price: $30.00
Faction: Heroic Warrior
Real Name: Ron (No, Actually it is Vykron according to the bio)

MOTUC SDCC Exclusive Vykron

Vykron is one of those choices that takes you back at first glance.  He is basically the toy form of the Roger Sweet Trio, three figures that were dressed up in various costumes used as the original pitch for He-Man and Masters of the Universe.  It was three figures one that looks eerily like an orange Boba Fett, a guy with a tank head, and a barbarian.  For a casual fan this would probably be a bit perplexing seeing them for the first time.

Like most figures that get translated to MOTUC from era’s that don’t get much love like NA or concept figures, they put a little extra effort into the figure to make him stand on his own.  They theoretically could have done a three pack and charged $75 – $90 for it.  But instead they went the route of one Vykron and three different sets of clothes to wear.  Depending on where you bought him, a different version of Vykron is dressed up in the box.  Vykron’s uniforms are basically a head or helmet, chest pieces that strap on, and snap-on parts for the wrists and shins.

MOTUC SDCC Exclusive Vykron

I was a little hesitant when I heard about the snap-on parts because I feared they would feel cheap.  I am glad to report these parts are actually made very strongly and stick to the figure perfectly.  They can also be put on other figures in the line as well … the wonders of the “buck” system working hard for you!  For example since Fisto uses the same shins as Vykron you can snap his shin guards and now Fisto has even more armor.  You can also snap the parts on non-barbarian boots and it still works, I have put them on the Skeletor/Keldor shins and they also work fine.  I couldn’t quite get them on Shadow Weaver though … so we deduct a few points there.


I feel like “Space Ace” and Barbarian are basically the same guy, but the Tank Top look is a whole new person in my opinion.  I like the flesh on green look so if you have an extra human buck sitting around use those extra Tank-Top parts and put him in your display!  He can also go well with a Palace Guard or Man-At-Arms body.  I had thought he would look cool with the Snake Man-At-Arms body but the green really clashes with the military green of the tank parts, and not in a good way.

MOTUC SDCC Exclusive Vykron Tank Top
Tank Top!

Not everything is roses and candy with Vykron though, he definitely has some things to look out for.  First thing you may notice is that his arms are molded in black or dark plastic and painted flesh color.  It’s a lot more noticeable when you take off his chest pieces and see the contrast between his torso and arms.  I’m guessing it has something to do with the newly tooled forearms of his.

This may only be a concern with the Barbarian version but in the card he is posed squatting so when you pull him out his loincloth will be sticking straight out like he has a Vykronian erection.  It’s pretty easy to put back down, just leave some pressure on it a while, lie you would with an erection.

This was mentioned prior so it should be no surprise but the head has a peg on it so you will need to put some type of helmet on him.  Sorry there is no option to remove the Stanley Cup from his head, your only other option is his Boba Fett helmet.  The peg is not quite made the same as other helmeted figures so you can’t fit a helmet on him without modification, and also you can’t stick another character’s head in the helmet without modification as well.

MOTUC SDCC Exclusive Vykron Space Ace
Not Boba Fett

All of the armor straps on really well.  The only one you may have a problem with is the Space Ace belt piece.  It wraps around the back really tight and it is nearly impossible to get it to latch onto the peg.  I tried for hours and could not get it to latch, but it doesn’t look too bad unstrapped because the front of the belt pegs into the chest part, holding it there.

So in summary how does Vykron fare compared to other SDCC exclusives?  Well he would definitely top Mo-Larr as I think it is pretty universal that the set was kind of dud.  However it is tough to go against big characters like He-Ro, Prince Adam and Orko, and Queen Marlena.  What Vykron does have over those characters is the accessories and the versatility they provide.  Sure you could also dress Queen Marlena up as Captain Glenn, but that’s really all you could do with her.  I think Vykron stands up on his own as a very strong and appropriate choice for an exclusive.

When you do eventually get Vykron, you should go around trying on different hats from other toys you own:


Spiral Helmet is strong on Vykron.


I don’t think so, the elf helmet is a little too pin-headed.



Vykron has since sold out at SDCC and then the after-show sale on  You can pick up the Barbarian, Space Ace, and Tank Top on Amazon.  Although I would wait a little bit to let the prices drop.

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