Manta Raider wins “Custom with Best Box Art” award!

We mentioned a while back that Joe Amaro, creator of amazing customs like the Mystic Hammer, will be making a Manta Raider mini-vehicle that could work with your MOTUC collection.  If you need a refresher on what the Manta Raider looked like go ahead and check out the image below:

The Manta Raider was supposed to debut at Power-Con, unfortunately Joe has tweeted that there may be a slight delay, to quote Joe:

[box style=”note”]The Manta Raider casts havn’t arrived yet. There is still hope they will be here in time for Power Con. I may not have time for a Pre-Sell.[/box]

So there is still a chance for the Power-Con crowd, but it is not looking like a pre-sell will happen.  Sure this sounds like bad news, but Joe has also provided a look at the box the Manta Raider will come in.  And well, it’s pretty damn amazing:

The card artwork is done by Rudy Obrero, the same guy who did the MOTUC Wind Raider and the upcoming Granamyr artwork.  Ruby will sign all the card-backs, and if they don’t make it out in time for Power-Con then they will ship signed.  I will admit I am a little jealous of the people who will end up with these!

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