MOTUC News: Black Plastic, Reversed Parts, Power-Con, NYCC

It seems like it has been a while since I did a good MOTUC news update.  Well I chose a decent time to get back to it as there has been a ton of discussion of late regarding various Masters of the Universe Classics facets.  We have had the ever escalating “Black Paint Saga,” reversed parts, Power-Con coming up this weekend, and NYCC announcing the Matty panel.  So lets get down to business folks:

Black Plastic Saga 2012

Gee, fans getting the hint of a cost cutting measure and not being happy about it?  That doesn’t sound like MOTUC fans, they are usually so willing to go with whatever profit maximizer Mattel wants to throw at them.  Sarcasm aside, the black plastic thing seems like the biggest point of contention in the community at the moment.  And to be fair I can see both sides of it: some people just don’t mind while others hate it completely.  I probably lie somewhere in the middle or a little towards hating it.

It looks really bad on flesh characters, the most notably being Fisto’s bicep and Vykron’s arms.  Vykron’s arms are probably the worst offenders as you can see the black through the entire arm and it doesn’t even match his torso.  I’m not even sure it’s the black plastic as much as it might just be cheap paint they are using.  We have had painted parts before and they never chipped as easily as they are with some of the latest figure releases.

So after many a request, Toy Guru has addressed the issue with their design team and will attempt to fix this as soon as Dekker (November) this year.  It was also stated this is a “cost cutting” measure and I’m sure fans might be a little perturbed hearing this after having to eat the 20% price hike for next year.  It seems we are being assured this is a 2012 thing because of the price we are currently paying … but I doubt they would have changed it if there was not such a large outcry.

Toy Guru also wants you to send him as many chipped paint pictures as you can get, because apparently 30 or so from the message boards is not enough.  So if you see paint chips, post them on and the mattycollector forums to let them know you don’t appreciate black plastic, cheap paint, or the combination of them.  You can send me pictures of it too, I’ll add them to my personal collection that I look at when I’m lonely.  What?  Is there something wrong with loving pictures of bad paint?

Frosta’s Reversed Parts

Some had them, some didn’t from the early samples.  We are less than a month from finding out for real.  Toy Guru is looking into it but doesn’t have any news as of yet.

The best bet is to assume if you are a more active poster on TheFwoosh, then you will get your parts correct.  If you are more of a guy, then unfortunately you are cursed to reversed parts.  As Axel W. Rose once said, “Hi I’m Axel Rose.”  It sucks we have to pick sides, but I want my parts correct so I’ll stick with my Fwoosh guys!  They would never let me down.

Power Con

The most powerful … con … in the universe?

Power-Con is this weekend.  Expect to find out about the secret accessory very shortly and either regret spending $18 to get it, or kick yourself for not securing one.  We can also expect two reveals, I am placing money on Snake Face (we saw the shield already, show the rest!) and NA Skeletor (who debuted in the third mini-comic … spoilers!).  I’m sure it will be fantastic and there are a lot of cool vendors there selling customs.  Don’t forget the Manta Raider will be there in limited supply!  Also Kevin Kosse will be selling custom heads.

Power-Con should be a good time to all who go, enjoy those Thundercats they got there too okay?

New York Comic Con

The Mattypalooza panel has been announced, it will be Saturday October 13 at 12:15 – 1:15.

The panel will include Scott Neitlich, Cornboy, Eric Treadaway, Chris Dahlberg, and Jim Preziosi.

Of course TOD Sorceress will also be on sale, no word on how it is being handled yet … but expect info soon!

We will also be live from the NYCC panel and will live broadcast all reveals, so keep your eyes on the site for the latest updates.


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