MOTUC News: Biggest Announcement Ever at Power-Con?

The man who fell to earth, Scott “Toy Guru” Nietlich, had a big announcement tonight.  That announcement was that tommorow at 11 am PST at the second annual Power-Con, the BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT EVER (c) will be made!

The good news is that this is pretty short notice, so we only have to speculate for less than twelve hours.  I don’t think it’s possible that the announcement can live up to the BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT EVER (c) moniker it has been given.  However it could also be word play!

So what could it be?  I’ll speculate since he posted it in the MOTUC forum it has something to do with classics.  And maybe I amover valuing the huge announcement, so here are my guesses:

  • MOTUC Scale Castle Grayskull (Wordplay on “biggest”)
  • MOTUC Filmation Add-On Subscription for 2013 (What I want)
  • MOTUC Going Retail (That would be pretty big!)
  • Masters of the Universe Movie
  • Masters of the Universe New Cartoon
  • Mini Masters have found a home (I doubt anyone would find this “big” but me)

So it’s anyone’s guess what it is, but I will be sitting at my computer 2pm EST hitting F5 until I find out.

Also stick around this weekend, I’ll try to keep up with all the MOTUC news that comes of the convention, wish I could be there … but I’ll hit the one in New York next year.

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