Power-Con 2012 Reveals: Castle Grayskull, Octavia, Snake Face, Karatii

Welp, the BIG news came and it was pretty much what I expected.  The Matty panel at Power-Con 2012 has just ended and with it we got three new figure reveals, and the big news that Scott was posting about last night: Castle Grayskull is finally a (possible) reality!

First the figure reveals.  Matty actually did a pretty neat thing as they sent out a mass email as the announcement went out about the new figures.  So all of us at home got to see the figures as the people at Power-Con did.  Well played Matty, I’m glad you are starting to use the club to make things a little cooler for us subscribers.

Check out the pictures from our live coverage!

So let us get right to the reveals:

Snake Face will be the April 2012 figure.  He comes with an extra head with the snakes coming out of his eyes/mouth.

Karatii will be the May 20120 figure.  He will be the third figure in the line from the New Adventures animated series!

Octavia rounds out as the June 2012 figure.  Our next Filmation entry will have her four tentacles that can all hold swords and a new Horde crossbow!

There will also be a new faction sticker that will debut on King He-Man, He-Ro – Son of He-Man faction.

Finally the news that was supposed to shake the world, Castle Grayskull preorder starting soon (Fall)!

They are planning to run a preorder for a MOTUC Castle Grayskull, this will be based off of the Mark Taylor design.  It should be roughly $200, and will ship Fall 2013 if there are enough preorders.  It will NOT have electronics so they will be able to ship it internationally.  They will not have a prototype at preorder time, so we have to put a little trust in them to make something worthwhile.

Also it is not confirmed if you pay for the thing in whole at the preorder time, or if you pay when it ships.  I personally hope its paid when it ships because this definitely isn’t a good time for me to drop $200 and on top of that these next few months are really heavy on figures.  I’ll definitely keep an eye out for details and pass them along thoughUPDATE – It looks like Scott said at the panel that you will pay when it ships, perfect!


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