NECA Customizable Portal Gun Replica

Well NECA did say they had big news for he most hardcore of testers this week!  I would assume this is it, unless something crazy comes out of left field later on today.  We now have the customizable Portal Gun Replica.  The gun went up for pre-sale on Bigbadtoystore this afternoon and goes for a measly $100 plus shipping.

So what makes this gun different from the rest?  Basically it looks like NECA said, “Hey Portal fans, can’t decide on which gun you want to use?  Then here, do it yourself!”  The kit comes with a plain white portal gun, four Aperture Sciences decals, and four magnetic racing strips (two yellow and two blue).  So you can make the Chell, Atlas, or P-Body versions of the gun … or just do whatever you want and customize it into your own personal Portal device.  It also includes a switch that enables you to switch between all the different LED colors: red, blue, purple, yellow, and orange.

Neca Customizable Portal Gun Replica

The only thing I am not sure about this device is whether it is the same size as the others.  The pictures we got are a little bit scrunched, but that could just be a case of bad resizing.  We’ll look into it and let you know what we findRandy @ NECA states they are the exact same size and dimension!

The customizable Portal Gun Replica looks to have a November release date.

And, just in case you were still in the market for an Atlas version of the Portal Gun, Amazon has them back in stock with free super saver shipping!   Also if you need the Official Portal Gun stand they have them on backorder, but will ship once they are in stock again.

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