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The 30th anniversary of Masters of the Universe is being celebrated in a big way.  By creating and releasing six new characters into the MOTUC toy line.  Two of the figures were designed by fans, and four made by (mostly) people involved with Masters of the Universe Classics.  I’ve probably already said this preface three other times so this will be my last.  So I promise when I review Cy-Chop there will be no mention of how the 30th anniversary works.  We are now at our fourth character in the six figure sub, let’s see how Sir Laser-Lot measures up to the rest.


Masters of the Universe Classics – Sir Laser-Lot
Release Date: 08/15/2012 (30th Anniversary Subscription)
Price: $2o.00 sub / $22.00 non sub
Faction: Heroic Warrior
Real Name: Unrevealed (So we will call him Dave)


Sir Laser-Lot was created by DC writer Geoff Johns.  This was apparently a design he had made as a young lad and was pleased as punch to get a chance to immortalize him in plastic.  Geoff also wrote the first MOTU digital short starring his creation, and you can still pick it up off Comixology or if you can track down the free comic Mattel gave away at SDCC.  It seems Geoff is pretty pumped about his creation and willing to push it, so I imagine this was more than Mattel just using his name to push a product.  I can only imagine the horrible creations that could have been if they were just using celebrity names and attached some new character to it.

Muld-Or – Created by David Duchovney … and that’s all I had for that bad joke.


The biggest problem I have with Sir Laser-Lot is that he is not Lay-Saur, the dinosaur with lasers.  However I don’t think he can really help that.  Also that sentiment is probably not shared by anyone but me and the three people who thought Lay-Saur was going to be Geoff’s creation.  Since he isn’t a dinosaur, I feel that at least he can play up the laser angle a little bit more.  It would be incredible to have a knight covered in lasers.  I think there is a missed opportunity by not using the Spector wristbands that can hold attachments.  They should have made big lasers; I’m talking Iron Man’s ultimate from Marvel vs Capcom 2 big!  Sir Laser-Lot needs to live up to his name; he literally needs an entire lot of lasers in his arsenal.  I’m assuming his weapons are energy weapons, but that is just not good enough for me.  I need more than that little laser pointer he has on the side of his helmet.


Past my misguided passion of lasers I ended up liking Laser-Lot more than I thought I would.  Similar to The Mighty Spector, I was luke-warm to the idea when I saw the reveal.  However once I had him in hand I found he is a hell of a fun toy.  I think I have even more fun with these new characters because I go into them without any preconceived notions.  They are just a new character on a MOTUC buck.  I may be alone on this idea but I would love to get a set of six new characters every year.


I really like the head, or helmet if you prefer.  It has more of a menacing look than I saw in the press shots.  There is also a little detail that I really like, that his mouth piece is not symmetrical.  I’m not sure if this was done on purpose or not, but I think it gives him character.  He also has a big red bulging plume of what I what I assume is energy since you can see through it.  It seems like it should be able to swing side to side but it is glued in there.  You can, however, pull the plume out of the joint and free it from the glue.  Then you can position it any way you like.  He has the previously mentioned laser pointer on the left side of his head, this is also the only laser on his body.


Sure Sir Laser-Lot has a lot of blue, perhaps maybe more blue than people are comfortable with.  But it is partially broken up for example his sides have red and silver paint over the mechanical parts.  He also has his red crystal in his chest (which was originally translucent, but I guess things didn’t cost out).  He also has a nifty red cape, which can either be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it.  The cape makes him a little heavy towards the back, so you need to do a little balancing act to get him standing right.  However if you need him in a forward pose the cape adds enough counter-balance to help you achieve those poses.


While Laser-Lot has a serious lack of lasers, he has a respectable amount of weapons.  My personal favorite is the energy mace, and what I like most about it is the nice solid plastic.  The last two months we have gotten figures with really bendy weapons, yes I am looking at you Spikor and Snake Man-At-Arms.  Sir Laser-Lot’s weapons are molded in a translucent hard plastic, they are painted over on both of the bases handles which turned out great.  The other weapon is an energy sword.  It is very reminiscent of a medieval broad sword which fits his motif pretty well.  The more perplexing accessory is his shield, mostly because it doesn’t look like anything else he has.  It is a light blue clear shield with some gang-signs painted on it.  I feel like Sir Laser-Lot would use a bigger and cooler looking shield, this one looks more like something Frosta would use.  Although I am not a big fan of the shield, it is still nice to have those options available so I can’t complain too much.


Sir Laser-Lot goes into that category of figures you just have to give a chance and you will probably like.  He has a great presentation and his head makes him look like a bit of an ass-kicker.  He’s not my favorite of the 30th anniversary figures, but it is really hard to compete with Draego-Man on any level.  I imagine the closest to Draego in general might be Castle Greyskullman.

Sir Laser-Lot actually lasted a pretty long time on Matty, but he is sold out now.  You can pick him up on Amazon though for a decent enough price!

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