NECA Gordon Freeman Loose + Carded Pics

The wait is almost over!  Half-Life is one of the greatest franchises in gaming and until this month we have had nary a figure to show for this great title.  Well it is all over now, we may still not have Half-Life 3, but we have a seven inch tall Gordon Freeman to occupy our desks and watch over us while we browse our Steam backlogs.  That is correct, this month NECA is dropping Gordon Freeman on us, along with other Valve friend the Smoker, and the first series of Prometheus figures.  Too good to be true?  It may feel like it, but it’s coming and my anticipation is at an all time high.

Gordon will be the first figure from the Half-Life series done by NECA.  They have already tackled the Boomer, which was fantastic and Gordon looks like he will be another exceptional figure.  Gordon comes with the signature parts: the crowbar, gravity gun, alternate hands, and a headcrab.  His suit is incredibly detailed and looks to have a fair amount of articulation as well.

Feel free to check out the gallery of of pictures NECA has sent out below.

So now that we have Gordon, we are in dire need of a follow up.  Should we go with main characters and hit Alyx?  Or a deluxe sized Dog?  I’m sure a G-Man would be an instant classic.  I’m kind of hoping they do a zombie scientist with the headcrab on him, I realize it’s simple but it is a fairly iconic villain from the game.  G-Man would certainly come next on my list.

If you are excited about Gordon it is also worth mentioning that Black Mesa Source was released today.  This is a Source mod (redone in the Source engine – the current engine Half-Life 2 and its episodes were done in) of the complete first Half-Life.  The game is stunning and the storytelling and action still hold up today.  Play through Black Mesa, Half-Life 2, and the two episodes in preparation for your Gordon Freeman figure … it’s totally worth it!

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