Matty Ships Snake Men and Dragon Blaster Skeletor Early!

One thing we are always afraid of when dealing with the Mattycollector website is mistakes.  And the masterminds behind this site make their fair share of them.  However I think the community in general is very understanding of this and doesn’t do things like threaten class action lawsuits when their Bubble Power She-Ra ships a day late.  Being a religious (I was going to say frequent, but I’ve logged into the site every month for three years now) Matty customer, I have heard the legendary tales of Digital River incompetence but have never really experienced it myself.

This week it all changed for me, but incompetence can be a good thing sometimes!  As you may have heard, they put the bundle page up early for the 9/17 sale.  But strangely enough Dragon Blaster Skeletor and The Snake Men two-pack were listed as in stock and at the 2008 (c) price of $20 and $40 respectively.  Being a man who jumps on the opportunity to save two dollars, I grabbed an extra Snake Men pack.  I was fully aware this was probably a mistake and expected it to be canceled.  My assumptions were reinforced by Scott “The Hitman” Toy Guru letting us knowYes. This was an error and all sales will be canceled and refunded.

Well the funny thing is though, I got this at 3 AM this morning:

Yep, UPS shipped it … and it’s not that fake Newgistics shipping where they wait for the truck to take my stuff two weeks later.  It is already gone from their warehouse and will be here Tuesday, the day after sale day!  So unless they shipped me something else, looks like the orders (or at least mine and a couple other people) will go through.  I think the moral of this story is use UPS because it’s fast and awesome.  Newgistics is still a huge pile of steaming shit.

Also if you go to the main store page, you can still order the more affordable ($2 discount bro!) versions of Dragon Blaster Skeletor and Snake Men.  I really wish Mekaneck went up early over DB Skeletor because I have no use for a second Skelly.  On the other hand I really wanted to army build Mekanecks.

So in closing, spin that wheel people!  Who knows you may get yours early too … or they may cancel your subscription for next year.  Or if you are really lucky they will ship Cy-Chop in place of your entire 2012 subscription figures.  The possibilities are endless, but only if you act now!

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