NECA News: Mogwai Series 3 Are Official

NECA has done a tremendous job in building a menagerie of Gremlins themed figures.  After the first set of figures they did a few years back they split the license into two parts: the Mogwai and the Gremlins.  In general the Gremlins are a niche line and have always relied on fan’s purchases to keep them coming.  Well it looks like the last series of Mogwai were enough of a hit that NECA has greenlit the next batch (so to speak, they are actually from the first movie).

The third wave of Mogwai will include Stripe, Gizmo with a new expression, and the chubby Haskins.  The name Haskins was made up because the Mogwai was never actually given a name in the movie.  The expressions on all of the Mogwai are really great.  NECA has done a fantastic job, as usual, with these guys.

Mogwai series three is slated for a January/February 2013 release.  Gremlins series three is still up in the air, but if we show the Mogwai some love, I am sure the Gremlins will follow.  Check out the pictures below and get your preorders in!

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