NECA News: Quarter Scale Gollum is Precious!

Remember way back in the early 2000’s when we all had a lot of extra money?  And back then we could buy things like the NECA 18″ Gandalf, Legolas, and Aragorn?  Those were good times.  Randy Faulk and NECA want to bring us back to those good times by releasing another Lord of the Rings / Hobbit quarter scale figure: Gollum.

We saw a quick peek at him back at SDCC.  Not too many details were revealed but it was announced he was to be in scale with the previous quarter scale figures.  The other nice thing is that he will be able to go head to head with NECA’s quarter scale Captain America figure, the two biggest movies of the year will get to duke it out!

Gollum looks to be fully articulated and also has rooted hair.  The likeness is amazing, I can’t wait to lay that creepy face in bed next to my wife and freak her out one morning.  They are saying a November release date, which means a couple of things: NECA is taking all of my holiday money and it comes out really soon.

NECA Quarter Scale Gollum

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